SEO in Russia – How to Boost Your Brand’s Presence in E-Commerce?

Before you try to gain prominence in Russian e-commerce, knowing that Google doesn’t dominate the market is crucial. Instead, Yandex, the Russian equivalent, does. But there has been a change in the scenario, with Google winning the majority of shares in the market in 2019. However, the SEO principles apply the same for Google and in the Russian digital market. 

Use Russian SEO to attract potential Russian customers to the website. The earlier and more frequently a site appears on search results, the more visitors it can get to the search engines. To ensure that the page appears on the results frequently, it is essential to include the following in your online business’s digital strategy:

  • Strengthen the brand’s online presence
  • Optimize website for multilingual search 
  • Focus on quality content marketing 
  • Look for high conversion rates 
  • Implement PR for online business 

In this regard, professional SEO Google Russia experts Yandovskiy SEO can have the correct knowledge and skill set to make effective use of social media. With the best use of content marketing, you can boost the SEO rank of your website. If the website can drive more traffic, it can increase the sales funnel for the business online.  

How can a Business Benefit from a Professional SEO Service in Russia?

  • An SEO service can ensure that the website gets high ranks across search engines in Russia 
  • The business website should be optimized with high-quality content and perfect for the target audience. When in Russia, a multilingual website will stand out. 
  • Professionals can monitor and manage the website from time to time. Continuous monitoring by professionals can enhance the rank of the website. It will also show higher results, and this is where SEO strategy works the best 
  • An SEO expert can offer cost-effective solutions for a business to help it gain high visibility. It has to focus on organic search at a competitive rate for the Russian business website 

Can You Run Google Ads Successfully in Russia?

When using Google Ads to advertise in Russia, you have to strategize to reach 110 million users, which is crucial for a business. Select a region for advertising to reach out to specific audiences. Set up the advertising on other countries other than the Russian Federation. When advertising in Russia, you can include customization to make ads accessible to a global audience. Also, select the Russian language for its better reach. 

With the increasing use and popularity of Yandex, the cost-per-click is rising than AdWords. It is effective for the Russian market as Yandex is catering to more of a Russian audience than Google does. 

Besides, Yandex offers top search technology that is intuitive and simple, enhancing users’ experience. The latest key features under this search engine are:

  • Ad extensions
  • Campaigning, Ad groups and keyword management 
  • Audience targeting 
  • Reporting on traffic and conversion
  • Multiple currency management   
  • Ad preview tool

The Russian e-commerce market is different, and advertisers need to implement different strategies for marketing than earlier. It helps reach out to the wider audience in Russia and retain brand prominence, even in this increasing competition.