SEO 101: Basic Things Brands Must Know About SEO! 

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For the uninitiated, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is comprehensive of all the means, strategies and practices that help in ranking a website higher in search engine result pages and gaining more organic traffic. In many ways, SEO is the crux of your online marketing campaign, and if used effectively with paid marketing, it can transform your brand. In this post, we are discussing more on SEO in Singapore and basic aspects that every business needs to know. 

Is SEO expensive?

No, contrary to popular belief, SEO is not expensive. It is an organic means of promotion, and it involves various aspects like content optimization, link building and so on. If you are hiring an agency for the job, you can typically expect to pay a monthly fee, which is inclusive of everything, and unless you are using paid marketing, the cost remains the same. It also depends largely on the nature and size of your website. 

Should we really spend on SEO in the age of social media? 

Yes, absolutely. SEO is not just about getting placed in search results. It has a lot to do with increasing visibility of your brand, and since people trust search engines for results, it adds credibility and trust to your brand. More website traffic, especially through organic means, means more leads and conversions, and eventually, it is all about growing your business. 

Is outsourcing SEO a wise idea?

Even companies that can afford to have an in-house team prefer outsourcing SEO for many reasons. Firstly, you can gain expertise and experience, without spending as much money. Most SEO agencies also specialize in other branches of online marketing, including PPC, social media marketing and so on, and you can expect to get a comprehensive package. Benefits also extend in terms of transparency and supervision. You don’t have to spend enough time and effort in managing the campaign and can still keep a track on the development, as the SEO agency will send reports, at least once every month. 

In conclusion

SEO doesn’t require as much investment but the rewards are real. If you want to create an online brand that people recognize, just make sure that your SEO plan is in place or you can get in touch with Chicago SEO – Hook Agency. Focus on the best practices and keep a check on what other competitors are doing. With a good agency, SEO should be an easy job without any complications whatsoever. 


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