Safe handling of Multiple Accounts: How You Can Do That

Today we’ll talk about virtual browsers and their capabilities. The first thing that comes to mind for a person who is faced with a regional ban on the use of a web resource is to use workarounds, since the Internet connection gives such an opportunity. Virtual browsers have long become a popular way to circumvent not only the state ban on visiting web pages or social networks, but also allowed people who earn money on the Web to work bypassing the strict rules of the site administration.

First of all , this is access to the Network through the IP address of not just a neighbouring region, but of any country. Simply put, the administration of the site the user accesses through the provided virtual browsers perceives him as a guest from, for example, the USA, and not from a town in the centre of Russia. For that you can make multiple vpn connections from same ip.

The process of handling multiple accounts is quite simple. The user will have to make his separate profiles, go to the tool proxy server and switch it on, select the area and start it, and there you go, he will be able to run the profile in every possible manner. The whole process is quite simple and does not require much technical knowledge. Therefore for users of all ages, the tool is the perfect solutions for these kinds of works. In the larger context, for the persons related to internet marketing, this tool can do wonders.

  • The advantages of the program are easier to speak in a practical context. Imagine the situation: you learned about a cool American music service and wanted to create a playlist on it to listen to your favorite songs on the way to work. But when you go to the site, you will find out that the service is not available in your area. Agree, an unpleasant situation? But many American and European sites with quality services and goods are not available in the CIS countries. The task of the virtual browser is to skip the user to “forbidden” resources. Using an intermediary server, you can “trick” the same music service by contacting from an IP address registered in one of the US states. The capabilities of the virtual browser have already been appreciated by almost all competent Internet users.

How can you use similar services

The need to “hide” on the Web can be dictated by different motives. Consider the main reasons for using virtual browser services:

  • allows you to hide the location and get to resources with limited access;
  • makes it possible to conceal the computer address and physical location of the user (sites that are requested cannot find out where the virtual browser sends data);
  • speeds up data transfer;
  • protects computers and the information stored on them from hacker attacks.

Finding out who used the virtual browser is not easy. Only the server administrator knows about this, but he agrees to transmit data only by court order. If the intermediary server is located abroad, in order to find out information about its users, it is necessary to begin an interstate bureaucratic procedure. It is unlikely that anyone would think of looking for you, of course, provided that you did not break the law.