Reviewing Top Ways To Get Famous Through YouTube With Storyblocks

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We all know that YouTube is a video-sharing website where people can upload anything from short home filmed documentaries or films, too stupid antics, and funny fails. The majority of content is uploaded by individuals, but companies such as Hulu and Vevo and many others are posting their material via the site.

People from the superstardom of Justin Bieber to the down-right silly Star Wars Kid have found fame and fortune through this Internet sensation. But how do people get famous through uploading videos onto YouTube? Is YouTube simply full of fame seekers? Or is it just a nice way to share some of your favorite moments caught on video with the rest of the world?

Now, it’s pretty much a billion to one chance that one particular video gets noticed by Simon Cowell as the next big thing if your content is low quality, and only a small percentage of videos have gone viral, but for some reason it seems almost anyone can at least become well-known through YouTube if use stock platform like Storyblocks that you can read a review of here and this will help you get noticed, although becoming famous for the majority of us seems to either include an awful lot of hard work, or ridiculously good luck.

Fail Blogs

A lot of the videos we view that have gone viral have got to this stage for all the wrong reasons. For example, Chris Crocker’s plea to “ leave Britney alone ” became a massive hit due to the mess this boy had gotten into simply from the media’s treatment of Britney Spears. Also Rebecca Black’s song ” Friday ” was more recently overflowed with views after being named “the world’s worst song.”

However, there is also a vast web of videos that have captured the most perfect of moments by simply being in the right place at the right time. The most popular and successful examples of these are known as “fails” which feature things ranging from simple as trips and falls to major stunts gone wrong. An example would be ” gun safety fail,” which shows a policeman performing a class talk on gun safety, only to accidentally fire into the floor.

“Fail” videos have sparked off a variety of fail compilations, which, to be honest, could keep you entertained for hours, with some of them being as simple as just a montage of funny photographs. It all seems so easy. Simply set up a stunt, wait for something to go wrong, and just make sure someone’s filming you every step of the way.

Blogging, following and creating a quality content

Many people have found success through YouTube through blogging, suggesting that anyone’s daily lifestyle is interesting enough for a mass of YouTube “trolls” to follow it. It seems somewhat surprising that this has worked for some people, with Jenna Marbles being one of the biggest YouTube bloggers. If you add a twist from Storyblocks and make your content engaging people will be more likely to view your videos and share it with friends.

It is even possible to create a popular video through blogging about other popular videos. Sounds too easy, doesn’t it? There is a variety of examples of videos that review and simply talk about the latest YouTube sensation, with some of the more successful bloggers in this field promoting newer, less popular videos. An example of is ” =3 ” by Ray Johnson who simply selects three videos which he simply liked himself, or which have been sent to him, and reviews them. However these reviews aren’t cleverly thought out opinions, but more realistically a form of making fun of the victims in the video, and the comments they have received. Keep close attention how well are videos are made.

Soft Porn
Although this is less popularly used through the YouTube sight, there are many videos that present a half-naked sexy woman, sometimes simply talking about her views on rum and raisin ice-cream. An example of this form of video entertainment is Marina Orlova’s YouTube channel ” Hotforwords,” which traces the origins of English words. With the tagline ironically being “intelligence is sexy,” Marina will pout and adjust her bra through an explanation of the history of the word “pencil.”

Another version of this is done commonly through webcam videos, which have predominantly evolved from girls films themselves from the waist down in a short skirt dancing seductively. A famous spoof of this was filmed by a husband and wife, who recreated a scene of a dad catching his daughter creating one of these webcam hits.

Overall as a career option, I think the majority of us can admit we are not the next Beyonce, so the chances of us being scouted through YouTube are pretty slim. But I suppose we could always create an engaging content that would be helpful to others with Storyblocks or just something embarrassing or degrading, or blog about people who have done something embarrassing or degrading, to become the next Internet sensation!