Questions To Ask Before Starting a Graphic Design Career

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Are you looking to begin a career as a graphic designer? You’re not the only one. The field has become progressively more competitive throughout the years now that more people are becoming interested in the role. There is no clear-cut path to becoming a professional graphic designer with a successful business, and none of the available pathways are mutually exclusive. 

Whether you are a freelancer looking to go pro, a recent college graduate, or someone working as a junior designer, or somewhere in-between jobs, here are several questions to ask yourself before pursuing a career as a graphic designer

Do You Want Formal Study?

Yes, there are many people who have become highly sought after graphic designers without any formal education—but times have changed. A university degree in design remains one of the most sought after credentials. Of course, anything that shows that you have attended formal education for your skills as a graphic designer is going to give you boost ahead of the competition. You can even seek out work-study opportunities, where you can knowledge of the field while working beneath senior graphic designers. 

As a graphic designer, you are going to need to seize the opportunities as they come to you, so think of getting education and experience as one of the first big hurdles to find a solution for. 

Do You Freelance or Have An Online Presence?

Even as a fledgling graphic designer, you need to start building a portfolio and getting eyes on your work as soon as you can. Online platforms like Behance are excellent for helping you not only express your personal style but connecting you with a network of like-minded individuals. As a freelancer, you can work with less restrictions and do smaller, menial tasks to give you valuable experience for bigger jobs later down the line. 

Do You Want To Master Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and InDesign?

You are going to need serious knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud and other similar software. Adobe might be the industry standard, but there are other programs that you may need to use, such as Krita, Sketch, and Canva. In order to become a real graphic designer, you are going to need to know how to use these programs interchangeably. 

Can You Work With Tight Deadlines?

Whether you decide to remain a freelancer or want to get employment at a graphic design studio, you are going to need to be okay with working with tight deadlines. Most clients you meet are not going to be coming in years in advance of their launch date. No, most clients will need expedited service, so you have to be comfortable with working under pressure. You also need to deal with a fast-paced work environment. 

Can You Creatively Solve Problems?

Most people think that graphic designers merely make things look pretty, but that is far from the role. Graphic designers are problem solvers. You take in a little information at the brief with the client and from there you come up with multiple solutions. You need to be able to creatively solve those problems in a timely manner. This requires attention to detail and an ability to articulate your answers. 


Have you been thinking about becoming a graphic designer? If you answered these questions about are more excited than before, then you’re ready begin your new career. There is no reason not to try. Anyone can learn how to master the design software and get an online presence. The last thing you need is passion and love for what you do! Graphic design is a wonderful job, so dive in.