Phone Speed up and Smart Cleaner

Many does not like to switch Android phones even they are slow and low storage space. Many used to upgrade or buy new phones when it gets broken no longer usable. Because price for buying or upgrading is higher for many people around the world. So, when your Android phone start to slow down and run out of storage, you can still boost performance and get more free storage using applications like Clean master. Clean Master applications can manage all files, app, and processers in your device for optimum performance, battery life and storage space.

Many phones start to slow with time. That is a common problem faced by everyone. When the number of files or apps in a phone increases it tends to slow down easily. Easiest way to gain lost performance without factory resetting or formatting the device is by using a cleaning tool like Bee Booster. Bee Booster available for free install on Google Play Store. If your device does not have play store, you can use any third-party app store like AC Market or Aptoide. 

Features of Bee Booster

Below listed only few features of this application. Normally Android cleaning applications comes with many features apart from junk cleaning. Feel free to install this application and find out more.

Phone Booster – This feature can quickly speed up your phone. It can clean all unnecessary processors to free CPU and RAM. Freer CPU and RAM helps to have higher performance.

Junk Cleaner – Junk cleaner helps to gain more free storage space easily without deleting photos, videos and apps. Junk cleaner will detect all the junks in your phone including residuals from system updates, residuals from app updates, residual app data from uninstalled apps, cache files and many more.

Battery Saver – When the number of apps and processers increases it will require more battery power. That causes your devices to charge more frequently than before. Battery saver can hibernate processers that drain battery power even without using the phone. That will help to have more battery time.

CPU Cooler – CPU is the main reason to feel heat on your phone. When the CPU workload increases it tends to heat. That heat dissipates through phone body. That’s why phones get hotter. You can cool down your phone or CPU by closing or removing CPU intensive processers.

Notification blocker – If installed apps and games start to push notifications that are no longer required, those notification will be so annoying. Because every time you will see those notifications appear on notification panel. You can clean and block all those useless notifications using notification blocker.

You can install this application on Android TV boxes like Shield TV pro, Firestick, Mi BOX and many more. If you are unable to install Bee Booster using default app store like Amazon App Store, Play Store, you can use Filelinked. Filelinked is the easiest way to install any apk file on any Android TV box for free.