Perfect facebook Like Boosting for You

Is it better to own page # 1 with a very large number of likes on Facebook (probably bought), or page # 2, with fewer likes, but much greater community engagement?

Answer A of course

A valuable Facebook page is a page where fans are engaged. Not a page with “robot” users who don’t engage with the brand who probably bought their Facebook likes.

If you have taken the Facebook training, you know that we always prefer a small tight-knit community to a big “community” whose members hardly know they are part of it. With the facebook likes cheap you can always consider the other route.

Ok that’s fine, but it’s not that simple?

The first page that I showed you above, competes with the second, that of Julien. And he came to see us, telling us about his questions.

Some potential customers refuse to work with him, and to make their products available to him for his Marketplace, on the pretext that he does not have enough likes on Facebook.

3,000 likes is not enough. We do not discuss with pages that have less than 10,000 likes on Facebook.

These are the kinds of comments made to him. With Jessy Grossi , we didn’t think that this kind of old reflex still existed.

But the reality is that Julien is losing clients. He would like to get rid of the “young growth in the making” label and finally assert himself in his category.

Julien then came to see us with a simple question:

“Should I also use unfair practices like buying likes on Facebook to grow my community and appear more credible?” 

“Should I buy likes on Facebook? Oh never.”

Do buy Facebook likes

Julien has clearly identified the difficulty of the question: buying likes is inexpensive, easy and can help establish initial credibility.  This creates a dynamic that makes other people like the page. In his own words, “he feels like he’s missing out on something”.

If we decided to write an article, it is because we think that Julien’s situation is not an isolated case. He is not the only one to ask these questions. So with Jessy, we hope to bring you some answers.

And it is unfortunately because of this kind of remarks, made by companies who have an image of the use of social networks completely out of step with reality. Our answer to Julien is very simple, we strongly advise against buying Likes on Facebook. Facebook is not that dumb. The Facebook algorithm is increasingly sanctioning pages that resort to bogus and unfair practices. Besides, I don’t know any Social Media Manager who buys Likes on Facebook.