Payment Gateway Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

If it’s an online transaction, you will have to know about all the big challenges behind it.  Not all the online transactions are successful. There are few reasons behind failed transactions, which may affect your business. Let’s understand the major challenges that the payment gateways face and some basic troubleshooting tips.

  • Issue with Cards

Insufficient funds or expired cards are the two obvious reasons behind failed transactions. Apart from this, there are others too on the list. The declining of credit and debit card is top on the list.  A big part of the revenue is lost by sellers and website owners because of this issue. Sometimes, your customers may see a charge on their card, but the charge does not reflect in your merchant account. Many of your potential customers will report a failed transaction on your website, even though they had a successful transaction on another site. Because of this problem, e-commerce is losing real money.Image result for Payment Gateway Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

  • Verify Your Payment Gateway

We see many frustrated business owners as well as card holders. If your payment gateway is not yet verified, or no test has been performed on it, then it will be considered as ‘Not Verified’. To avoid this, check your setting and verify the gateway and account are active. To detect the actual problem, run few tests, which are required from the back-end. These days, there are support teams for payment gateway for tech support as well, so you will not have any problem with charge-backs and you can see very less refunds

  • Currency Is Not Supported:

Check whether you are a using a national gateway or international gateway to collect the payment from users. Check the currency code in the back-end panel or admin page of the payment gateway provider.

If your users are facing any of the above issues with any of their cards, try to troubleshoot your payment gateway. Below are the steps.

  • Turn On Gateway Storage Option

Your storage option or gateway should always be on. If it is not, contact your provider without any delay.

  • Check API Login Credentials

Cross check the credentials you have given while logging into your site.

  • Try with Different Cards

If you are facing a problem with one card, try using other cards. Some gateways block the card if they find any unusual thing with the transactions.

  • Access American Express

Not all the providers use American express cards. So, make sure you double check with your providers and fill a different form to enable this option.

Website owners need to be very cautious before selecting a payment gateway as a long term solution because it makes a lot of variances.