The low code development platform has won over the technological industry in recent times. Such a striking low code platform type is the wavemaker low code development platform. The Wavemaker low code is amazing development software that accelerates the application development by serving enterprise IT build. It delivers its best to generate modern applications in a much faster way with smaller agile teams. Though the process is faster yet there is no compromise made on the security, scalability of the enterprise-grade, and code extensibility.


There are many striking features of the wavemaker low code development platform which can enhance the progress of your business in every way.

It is ready for the enterprise

The wavemaker low code quickly adapts to the best practices of your enterprise thereby accelerating the development. The benefit of such a system is that it does not require any re-skilling.

It is extremely developer-centric

The basic standard is maintained well which can be further extended in the upcoming days.

Opens the standards

It provides absolute control over the source code. There is no dependency on the run time on the platform. The wavemaker low code designs the applications in such a way that it becomes user friendly.

Absolutely cloud-native

Beyond doubt, it follows the cloud system. It deploys the applications on any infra band: On-premise, private or public cloud- you can do the selection as per your needs.

With the completion of the process of deployment of the applications on public or private cloud infrastructure by the wavemaker low code development platform for an organization, the containers can also undergo the process of deployment right on the upper portion of virtual machines or on uncovered metal. The software application provides a graphic user interface (GUI) soothe to deal with the IT application infrastructure and capabilities based on the containerization.

The solution provides striking features for the automation technology of the application deployment, management of the application life cycle, release management, workflow process of the deployment, and rights for the access, which includes the various application systems which work for the tablet, web net, smartphone interfaces.

The wavemaker low code platform is built around the studio of the wavemaker that allows the literate business users who have a profound knowledge of computers to arrange an application using a drag-and-drop interface method. The wavemaker low code studio assists the rapid development of the application (RAD) for the web net, similar to the client-server computing products.

If an application is developed with the wavemaker low code studio then you also get an added advantage as it allows the developers to fabricate an application once followed by its automatic adjustment process for a particular target platform. The platform which can be targeted can either be a personal computer, mobile phone, or tablet. The software applications which are created using the wavemaker low code studio follow an architecture that controls the model view.