Mobile app design prices

Mobile application design prices are a matter of concern for many of them who want to design mobile applications, some fear that the cost is more than the specific capabilities of designing the application, and some fear that the price is reasonable, but the application is less than what they aspire, the price of application design is what often occupies everyone who seeks to design An application specific to his project, and for this it is necessary for each company or institution to estimate the price of the application at an average price so that the matter is clear to everyone who wants to design a mobile application for his project.

How much does it cost to design a mobile app?

There are many elements on the basis of which the cost of designing a mobile application is estimated. Each application has its own and individual advantages that are not repeated in another application, and some applications are similar in performance but are completely different in the development and modernization and in the capabilities of the special control panel, and for this the price of the application differs from Another application due to several important factors, namely:

1- The type of application, its importance and the number of requests for it.

2- The required capabilities in the application in terms of design, interfaces, menus and arrangement.

3- Developing and updating the application according to the customer’s request or other additions.

4- Application hosting space and its strength.

5- Scarcity of application where applications that are a new and innovative idea have another price.

6- The price varies with the company designed to implement it.

Mobile app design budget budget elements.

When choosing to design an application for your project so that it appears in a decent manner that explains the value of your project and increases your customers and connects to the Arab or international world, it must have in mind several very important elements and determine the initial cost of your application, and it is one of the elements of cost budget planning that you must bear in mind when making an application design decision For your project and design an Android application and design for the iPhone, and one of the most important basic elements that must be taken into account its cost when starting a mobile application design, namely:

1 – The price of the domain or domain you want for your site, and its price is often fixed on the sites selling the domains.

2- The price of an account on Google Play, and this price is also specific and known.

3- The price of an account on Apple, and this price is also specific and known.

4- The price of an account on a hosting or server rental, and that price is also specific and known.

5- The purchase price of the SMS service, which is packages that are estimated according to consumption and according to the amount of messages sent monthly.

6- The price of the cost of designing the application and programming, and the price is dependent on the amount of capabilities, characteristics and tasks required in the application, according to its development and permanent update.

The price of continuous development and updating on the mobile app.

The owner of any mobile project or application must know that the application design needs to be constantly developed and updated. In light of the current development and technology, there is a conflict between mobile applications and which is better and developed and in a permanent update to the customer, you must not lose sight of developing and updating applications permanently, it must Be aware of all the continuous developments in order for your application to always be the first in terms of what customers are searching for and in terms of modern and always advanced technology, and this has another cost for the company designed for your application so that you always update and develop the application with everything that is developed and modern and what always benefits your application.

The cost of ongoing protection and insurance for your application.

There are some applications that do not need constant protection and exaggerated insurance, and they are the applications that offer offers without offering purchase order service or ordering delivery, and these applications are fairly simple to protect. But if your application is activated by the electronic payment system, this matter makes you need to contract with a strong institution such as the Network Orders Foundation to provide strong protection and secure your application and protect the server against hacking attacks or electronic penetration, this matter has become unfortunately common and has become harmful to many applications and exposes their owners to legal accountability Because the application, if not strongly insured, then displays your customer data for theft or loss, so do not underestimate the protection or insurance because it is one of the basics for the continuation of your application and the increase of your customers.

The features that you get when designing your application with the Network Orders Foundation

Application prices vary from one company to another, but there are many factors that control determining the prices of designing mobile applications. Each organization or company is able to set a price for it according to what it will provide to the customer and according to the characteristics that the project owner will obtain in its application, and from the basic characteristics that it provides The network orders organization for the customer, for example, and not limited to:

1- Determine the importance of the application according to the marketing study of the application, the owner of the application must determine the desired results from the application while studying the applications of competitors and create new distinctive and innovative ideas to compete with the competitors for it in order to achieve the required success of its application and be its first application in its field, and this with us we work on it With a team of professional programmers and market analysts to constantly develop developments and updates.

2- Designing the application in terms of interface and colors and identifying menus and appropriate for the customer’s request, whenever the application has a unique, innovative and distinctive design, the greater the turnout, especially if it is distinguished by the simple lists of the customer that enable him to reach his request quickly and orderly, and this is what we provide you in Network Orders Institution, we make the required integration between (Ui), which is the user interface and between (Ux), which is the user experience, with arranging and coordinating the elements according to the user’s behavior in a smooth and likable way for customers.

3- Using the most powerful servers on which your application is raised so that there are no problems or slowness later on from the customer or when the number of visitors to your application increases, the speed of application with customers is always given a lasting impression of the quality of the application and its use is continuous, and this increases the percentage of sales and profit For the project owner.

4- Application programming, error-free programming, with application programming in a workable manner on all systems (Android -io s).

5- Important application properties that target everything that customers are searching for, for a good application that wants to continue and be an example of what consumers want should include all the features that raise the profile of your application and allow the customer a smooth handling of the customer, whenever the consumer finds everything that he wants With it in the application, your application will be one of the most important required applications, and this is what we provide to you when designing your application with the Network Orders Foundation.

Finally, we mentioned the most important effects on the prices of applications in terms of elements, factors and fundamentals of application, the price of the application cannot be determined or appreciated clearly because it varies according to each application and another, and every company has a vision in the prices of designing its own mobile applications.

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