Mini Games You Could Play With Minecraft Girls on Servers

Minecraft is one of the most open games out there with seemingly an endless amount of things to do. You could go to Survival mode where you have limited health and are unable to fly. You’ve got limited resources and you’ll have to gather them on your own. You could earn achievements and have the satisfying feeling when you build your first house, or mine your first set of diamonds, or when you are finally off the Ender Dragon.

There’s also Creative Mode if you want to build to your heart’s content. You have no limitations in this mode. You could fly and have all the blocks and items within the palm of your hands. An empire that would usually take hundreds of Minecraft days could be done in less than 5. You could even turn off the day cycle and have it in the morning time always.

But there is also the online aspect of the game. You could join different servers which hosts a plethora of mini games you could play with Minecraft girls.

Bed Wars

It is one of the most famous mini games in a server like Hypixel. It is a PvP which requires a bit of strategy. The goal is to protect your bed while trying to destroy the enemy’s. It’s up to you how you want to do it. Be careful, however, because if you die, that’s it. Back to the hub for you since you respawning is off. You could play with your Minecraft girl on the same team or go up against her.

Block Hunt

It’s practically like Prop Hunt. You get to be either one of the hiders who could turn into a block and hide from the killers or be the killer who would need to find and eliminate the hiders. Any hider eliminated by a killer will immediately turn into a killer as well. It is one of the most popular mini games on servers like MinePlex.


SkyWars is also a pretty popular mini game on servers like CubeCraft. The goal is to survive. There are islands and you’ve got your own and there are tools and resources you could use in fighting against other players. There’s also a middle island which held the best items in the match. It’s basically a race to get to the island but you’re going to need to be careful. Other players will try to knock you off the map as much as they can. Try to stay on your feet.


TNT Tag is also a popular mini game which is basically like playing hot potato. You pass along TNT before it explodes. Whoever has the TNT when the timer runs out will lose. It is a mini game that was released back in October of 2013. 

There are dozens of other mini games you could play with Minecraft girls you hired on Gank. These mini games are part of what makes Minecraft one of the best multiplayer games out there. Despite being one of the oldest games out there, it still has millions playing on these servers. Why don’t you give it a shot? Go to Gank now and hire the partner for you.