MilesWeb’s Dedicated Hosting Review for High-Demanding Websites

Want to make your website run at lightning-fast speed? If your website gets time to load, it becomes sluggish. A slow website creates a negative impact on website visitors. The point is that your website must be able to expand with your business.

Dedicated hosting is apt when you want to have significant power and control over a server dedicated to you and at the same time gives blazing fast speed to your website/application. 

A dedicated server is the most suitable option for hosting your mission-critical websites/applications. MilesWeb is a famous web hosting provider that offers the ultimate dedicated hosting service at cost-effective prices. If you are serious about growing your business, a dedicated server is what you need!

A dedicated server is an expensive hosting option, but you never have to negotiate on the performance of your mission-critical website/application. 

MilesWeb gives the best-in-class dedicated hosting features: 

  • Bare Metal Servers
  • Full Server Control
  • Datacenter in Mumbai
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA

After giving you a brief, about which is the best dedicated hosting provider, let me elaborate more about their dedicated server plans, pricing and features. 

What is a Dedicated Server? 

When you get a dedicated server hosting, it can not only improve the rankings of your website but significantly has an impact on the other aspects of your website. 

You have complete control over the server and its resources when you use a dedicated hosting service. You are the owner of it, and you have complete control. Also, you can customize it in the way you want. 

Because you don’t share server resources, it improves the productivity of the website/application. When your website starts receiving a lot of traffic, a shared server cannot handle it. 

So, you need more resources or some other hosting option that will handle the highest traffic on the website/application. A dedicated server hosting is the best option you can opt for, which is very advantageous and gives you all the powerful features that your high-end website/application requires. With a dedicated server, you get the highest Service Level Agreement that is 99.99%.

Which is the Best Dedicated Server Hosting Provider? 

Many web hosting providers offer Dedicated hosting services. MilesWeb gets the highest recommendation.

If you are looking for low-cost and high-powered dedicated hosting plans, MilesWeb is an excellent option. Choosing MilesWeb as 

India’s best and cheapest dedicated server will be worth your investment. MilesWeb also well known for web hosting Malaysia.

MilesWeb offers sixteen dedicated hosting plans with all the high-end resources included. You can choose one dedicated hosting plan based on your requirements. 

The dedicated hosting plans of MilesWeb start at Rs.6999/mo. And the most advanced plan starts at Rs.46,999/mo. 

The resources of bare metal dedicated servers range from:

  • Intel Xeon Processors ranges from (4 Cores+HT) to (40 Cores+HT)
  • RAMranges from 8GB to 256GB
  • Storage ranges from 1TB SAS to 4*1.2TB SAS
  • Bandwidth ranges from 1TB to 5TB

Why Get a Dedicated Server From MilesWeb? 

As you can see, MilesWeb offers high-end resources to run your heavy web application at cost-effective prices.

High Performance 

Dedicated server hosting allows you to have all of the server resources to yourself.

As a result, no other website’s traffic will be affected, and your website will run well.

SSH & Root Access 

MilesWeb gives root access with every Linux dedicated server. Root access provides you with complete control over your server software. They provide complete control and independence when it comes to installing web apps on the server.

Full Server Control 

With MilesWeb’s dedicated server hosting, you get an isolated server with full control, security, and flexibility for your heavy-resource applications/websites. You also have the option of installing any web applications you like.

99.99% Uptime SLA

When you register for MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting plans, they promise you a 99.99 percent uptime Service Level Agreement. 99.99% is the highest uptime in the hosting industry. With this uptime SLA, your website will be accessible and online 24/7. 

Host Unlimited Websites 

You can host numerous websites on your dedicated server. 

You can easily migrate all of your websites from a shared or VPS server to a dedicated server.

100% Dedicated Resources

MilesWeb gives you 100% dedicated resources, meaning you don’t have to share a single resource with the neighboring or other users. As you have your own dedicated resources, you get a great performance for your websites. 

To Sum Up 

In terms of hosting services, MilesWeb is an excellent investment. The best dedicated server services are available at a lesser cost.

Shifting to a better server is as important for the growth of your business. A dedicated server can improve the performance of a website and shield it from a variety of dangers. MilesWeb assures a service level agreement of 99.99 percent that keeps your website is available at all times.