Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Scenery: Best Place To Visit

The COVID-19 has made this period an awful time for aviation fanatics. Many people are wary about traveling, and planes are grounded. Due to this, air traffic is down, and it seems aviation won’t be the same again. However, there’s a bright side to all of this – flight simulation games. That’s right; you can explore the world right from the comfort of your home. You can enjoy MSFS2020 scenery, and the best part about it is that these simulations are pretty realistic and accurate. Wondering where the best places to visit are? Let us introduces you to the best places to visit while enjoying the MSFS.


Lukla is home to one of the best airports in the world. If you like to live on the edge, this airport is considered one of the most dangerous. The reason is that it features a short runway and then goes downhill right into the Himalayas. The view is stunning, and it is the first stop for many people who want to start scaling Mount Everest. Danger surrounded by breathtaking scenery is what Lukla offers you, and when playing an ATC in a flight simulation game, you have a short time to guide a plane to a stop so that they don’t go diving into a building in the Himalayas.

Hong Kong

This place is home to the Hong Kong international airport and is still one of the best MSFS2020 scenery to check out. It is incredible to look at and just as tightly packed as the city itself. If you want to view what a stunning scene looks like at night, you should set the timing to night. The Hong Kong International Airport is one scene not to miss out on when playing as an air traffic controller.


Dubai is known for its beauty; many refer to it as the modern Vegas, and they’re not wrong. Dubai is one of the best MSFS2020 scenery to visit in a flight simulation game. It is an excellent place that, when truly captured, shows the warm purple and reddish hue view when the sun begins to dip. There are many iconic landmarks to be checked out in Dubai. If you’ve ever been to Dubai, then you know why visiting it in a flight simulation game is not a ridiculous idea.


This place is home to the Cairo International Airport and also features the great pyramid. It is a great scene to visit when playing the flight simulation game, and the way the old and the new combine is one of the reasons this scene is so exciting. If you’ve never visiting Giza, the flight simulation game will show you the beauty of this place with photorealistic graphics. It is a place worth seeing as you travel the world from the convenience of your home.


Visit the Tokyo Narita International Airport, and you might get a view of Mount Fuji – the highest mountain in japan and muse for a lot of artworks. The Tokyo Narita International Airport brings you close to a cultural icon, and you also get to enjoy the sheer beauty of Tokyo at daytime and nighttime. It is one of the best MSFS scenery to check out as you take on the world with the flight simulation game.