Making a Living Making Music in 2019 – Is it Possible?

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In 2019, you do not have excuses to not make a living making music. Whether you prefer staying in the studio or playing live shows, there many ways to make money start streaming in. Here are some ways you can make a living making music.

Buy Midi Pack Online

Look for samples from one of the most popular websites. Get professional Midi Files plus mp3 backing tracks. You can find a Midi pack for different genres including retro, classic hits, dance, country, rock and pop. This will save you many hours in editing time.

Sell Your Music

You have to be readily accessible in all media platforms. Alternatively, you can find a friendly aggregator to place your songs all over the internet; you can also choose to set it up by yourself. It is also important to sell your music at shows. You can sell Compact Disc-Recordables, but ensure they are affordable to sell online or at all your gigs.

Create a Website

A blog or website is a great way of showcasing and selling your music as well as advertising your availability for gigs. It’s a good great idea to have a site that features some samples of your talent. Ask clients to leave recommendations on your site if they are happy.

Play Live-streamed Shows

You can live-stream your concerts and make some money. You can go to Instagram Live and/or Facebook Love and hold a concert, then mention that fans can donate in your bio link (in the case of Instagram) or via the link located in the to comment (if its Facebook). This is also a fun way of connecting with your fans.

Music Streams

You also get a passive income from music streaming platforms. It will require little or no maintenance. You can use Ditto, CD Baby or Tunecore to distribute your music to Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify or elsewhere.

YouTube Channel

YouTube allows artists to make money when viewers play their content. It’s free to use this platform, you do not need to know people in the music industry. All you need to do to start making money is take your camera and record yourself while singing, and take full advantage of the channel’s advertising programme. Content ID is the easiest way for musicians to earn money on this platform. Content ID is a digital fingerprinting system you can use to easily identify as well as manage your copyrighted content on the channel.

Videos that you upload to YouTube will be compared against video and audio files that have been registered with Content ID by owners who are looking for any matches. Every time your music is used in any video that is running advertisements, YouTube will pay a portion of this ad money to the song’s rights holders.

Performance Royalties

Every time people play your songs in public places, you will be owed a royalty. The amount varies depending on the PRO you are with.