Make the Day at Reception, Much Brighter and Hassle-Free  

Nowadays, virtual lobby receptionist is gaining popularity rapidly among companies. They are trying to enhance their customer experience as they can save thousands of dollars annually. With the introduction of tech gadgets like tablets, smartphones, and other touch devices, the consumer experience has been enhanced. 

This has created an ideal opportunity for companies to introduce new technologies that help them provide better services through improved staff coordination. And also help them to address their customers’ prerequisite requirements.


Reasons why a Business Needs Virtual Assistance



As there is an old saying, that Time is money. Business owners must make an equilibrium between various factors to run their business successfully. In some cases, a single person has to multitask. This is precisely where virtual assistance is helpful. 


It helps remain organized.

The organization is one of the critical skills of a receptionist. Virtual lobby receptionists are pro players when it comes to organizing things. From handling files to clearing voicemails, they can perform various tasks.


Reduce Cost

Businesses always look out for solutions to curtail their expenses. Hiring a virtual assistant is beneficial because it is a one-time investment and offers various benefits like no leave and no investment for training. 


Schedule Appointments

A virtual lobby receptionist can also schedule appointments for business owners, which makes things easier to manage. Using various management systems like Google Calendar, they can track all-important meetings, training, and important notices.


Other Benefits

Virtual Lobby Receptionists are most beneficial for small businesses and startups. Here are a few reasons:


  • Virtual Receptionists can answer calls on behalf of their owners while they are busy developing their businesses.
  • Virtual Receptionists can save time and money through multitasking.
  • It can answer calls during off hours. 
  • They increase the satisfaction rate of customers by providing better support and promptly attending to their calls, resulting in quick resolution for their concerns.
  • Businesses can use virtual receptionists to cater to international clients in their regional language. This will help businesses to add a more personalized touch to their services.


Built for All Business Types

Hotels, Multi Office buildings, the hospitality industry, the healthcare sector, and other busy workplaces can be benefited from these self-service units. The business owner may earn a total investment return in just a few months. Let’s look at the essential features of these virtual lobby receptionists.


Complete List of Features:

  • Improved Security
  • Improved Visitor Experience
  • Improved Productivity
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • 24/7 x 365 Operation
  • Enhance company branding
  • Consistent experience for visitors
  • Motion Detection
  • Simple “one touch to call” interface
  • Employee / Company Directory
  • Content Management
  • 1 & 2-Way Video
  • Phone communications
  • Video and Voice Mail Messages
  • Customized Video Message
  • Self-Service Mode
  • Operator Mode



In this era of technology, having a virtual lobby receptionist can benefit businesses. It is the only way to remain ahead of their competitor. A virtual receptionist can make a day at reception much brighter and trouble-free at their workplace. Forget the overcrowded lobby with irritated visitors waiting in lines for their turn. And the struggling receptionist trying to coordinate between calls and guests.