Level Up – The Hottest Video Game Events of 2023


To improve the gaming experience, developers often include video game events, which are different levels inside a game that provide specific rewards, weapons, and story modes. In this guest blog, we will discuss video game events 2023, what they may be, why they’re needed, and their importance inside the global gaming.

What are video game events

Video game events, occasionally known as in game events or seasonal activities, are time constrained events or content updates within a video game. These activities can take numerous forms, which include unique challenges, new storylines, holiday themed event, or even collaboration promotions with other media franchises. They are designed to create a feel of excitement, keeping players engaged and invested in the game. These events frequently include rewards, together with in game gadgets, skins, or character outfits, that motivate gamers to participate.

Gamers event provide several purposes within the gaming industry. Now let’s discuss the important reasons why they’re critical:

One of the primary objectives of video game activities is to maintain participant engagement over time. Games that give a non stop, unchanging experience can emerge as stale, leading to a decline in player hobbies. By introducing occasions, developers can inject new and exciting content into the game, keeping players engaged and eager to play again.

The retention of players is crucial for the success of any online multiplayer games. Seasonal activities incentivize gamers to maintain coming back to the game, in particular when those seasons are time restricted. The fear of missing out on exclusive rewards or stories encourages gamers to stay energetic and invested.

In game activities additionally work as a monetization approach for developers. While many events provide rewards that may be earned through gameplay, a few include premium content that can only be obtained through purchases. This extra revenue stream enables developers to continue supporting and enhancing the game.

The major events in 2023

Gold Coast’s Supanova Comic Con & Gaming

April 15–16, 2023

Australia’s Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre

2023’s first significant Supanova convention will take place on Queensland’s Gold Coast. There will be discussions, celebrity appearances, local artists’ items and artwork for sale, pop culture-themed businesses, and even a chance to play video games with friends throughout the gamers event.

2023’s LudoNarraCon

May 4–8, 2023

Steam (Digital)

The long-running online festival of narrative games, LudoNarraCon, is coming back in big gamming events in 2023 with new trailers for games that are coming out as well as in-depth looks at previous blockbusters. As per usual, we anticipate a wide range of distinguished guests from the developer community at LudoNarraCon, along with a wealth of exclusive insights into the games business.

Oz Comic-Con: In-person

June 3–4, 2023

Adelaide, Australia’s Adelaide Showgrounds

June brings a slew of additional events, exhibits, and conventions, including the Adelaide leg of the 2018 Oz Comic-Con tour. After then, a different version of the same programme will premiere in Melbourne before going to other states.

Summer Gaming Festival

June 8, 2023

Los Angeles, United States: Online & YouTube Theatre

Industry champion and games journalist Geoff Keighley (who founded The Game Awards) began to utilize his clout with E3 changing course to get publishers and developers together in the middle of the year. The purpose of this meeting was gathering and compiling a batch of new reveals and game announcements. That is precisely what the Summer Game Fest in big gaming events in 2023 will have to offer.

 BIG Festival 2023, Brazil International Game Festival

June 28–July 2, 2023

Brazil’s São Paulo Expo

Since its founding in 2023, Brazil’s Best International Games Festival has served both the general public and the Latin American business. With the announcement of publishers like Atari and Devolver, the 2023 edition looks to be the largest ever.

2023’s Games for Change

July 18–20, 2023

United States, New York City’s Times Centre

Every year, creators gather at the annual conference called Games for Change to discuss serious games—that is, games meant to promote social change and education. It will return in 2023 as a multi-day in-person event featuring panel discussions on wellness, education, environmental sustainability, and other important subjects led by industry representatives.

World Con 2023

August 3, 2023–6

United States of America’s Indiana Convention Centre

The biggest tabletop gaming conference in North America, Gen Con showcases the newest and best in card, board, and role-playing games at each year’s exhibit. The greatest names in the tabletop market come together for this event to showcase their products, and it’s a great way to meet other enthusiastic gamers.

Asia Pacific Games Connect (GCAP)

October 2023, 2-4

Melbourne, Australia’s Melbourne International Convention Centre + Online

The industry-focused portion of Melbourne International Games Week is represented by GCAP, which offers a range of seminars and workshops to help game creators improve their skills and network. Additionally, GCAP provides networking events that link publishers, developers, and funding possibilities, as well as students and experienced industry professionals.

Asia’s Gamescom

October 19–22, 2023

Suntec City, Singapore’s Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

In October 2023, Gamescom Asia will make a comeback with a display that unites the computer tech and gaming industries. This is primarily going to be an in-person event that serves as a hybrid trade expo and public gathering for games and developing technology.

Brisbane’s Supanova Comic Con & Gaming

November 11–12, 2023

Brisbane, Australia’s Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Brisbane will host the year’s last Supanova exhibition, which will have many of the same attractions as previous years, including cosplay, art and product booths, comic book stores, gaming areas, and more. In 2024, the event will repeat again.


Gamers events are an essential part of big gaming events in 2023. They are the bridge between builders and gamers, keeping the gaming network engaged and excited. These sports are vital for the long-term fulfillment of games. As the gaming industry continues to adapt, gamers activities will remain an essential element in delivering immersive and appealing gaming studies. They ensure that gamers will constantly have something new and exciting to explore in their favorite games.