Learn the Difference between 2D and 3D Laser-Engraving 

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Nowadays, in various processing industries, laser processing is considered as an important method. This is because of its fastness, efficiency, and environment-friendly method; it has won the favor of many users.

In-plane marking of many different products, commonly 2-dimensional type of laser marking machines is widely used. 

If you can learn 3D laser engraving technology then you can utilize them for research and development work for high-quality marking equipment meant for the 3-dimensional surface. For market development, it has become a hot spot for research activities.

Following are basic differences between 2-dimensional laser marking and 3-dimensional laser marking:

1) For wider ranges and finer lighting effect

You can find 2 types of marking of the 3-dimensional machine: 

  • Front focusing
  • Rear focusing

The main purpose during the front focusing mode will be to achieve a larger marking range.

Usually, for X-axis and Y-axis, the deflection lenses and incident laser spots will be larger and obtain much smaller focusing spots for higher laser amounts of beam energy density, in order to meet standard requirements of a very large area.

2) Focal length may change

Since 3D marking may quickly change the laser focal length and the laser beam position. So, it will be possible to mark any curved surfaces which cannot be realized with 2D earlier.

After using this 3D marking, cylindrical marking in light projection range will complete at a single time, and thus improving processing efficiency significantly. 

Besides, surface shape of various parts of different industrial products may not be in just a single plane, so really there is nothing for the 2D marking. Here, 3D marking will be much easier to realize.

3) More suited for deep carving

As such, in the case of traditional 2D marking, there are few inherent defects for making deep carving on the surface of objects. In the carving process, the laser focus will move up.

Hence, the laser energy that will act on the actual surface of the objects will sharply drop. It can seriously affect the efficiency and effect of deep carving.

For the deep 3D marking engraving process, there are no such problems that will make sure the effect and also improve efficiency.