Know about the ventilator designed for EMS professionals

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The first ventilator that was designed for the EMS professionals had additional respiratory settings especially for time. This device has a wider application facility that would meet the most critical situations during emergency. The models are basically designed to meet the needs of the ventilator in different situations.

Features and benefits

  • The autovent 3000 is a ventilator device that is used from intra to inter hospital transports. They can be carried for sophisticated air rescue. The automatic transports ventilators have been recommended by the American Hospital Association They have preferred this equipment as a ventilator support in the pre-hospital settings.
  • The autovent 3000 uses the state-of-art pneumatics that assures reliability. This is a device that has a system of time cycled flow of ventilation that is powered by minimum source of gas. The models can be sued with single patient as an added protection against the patient cross- contamination.
  • The device is accompanied by the proven patient valve. This has a bright and green visual breath indicator. This model is built in audible pressure with a limit alarm. This also has the provision of intermittent mandatory ventilation that would provide gas flow for spontaneous breathing problems of the patients. It has a patient valve that is available with an anti-inhalation valve. This can be sued in toxic environments.
  • The device is small and compact so that it can be transported easily.
  • It is specifically designed to perform in harsh and toxic environments.
  • This equipment can be assembles very quickly with simplified operating instructions that is printed on the case.
  • This device has shock absorbing bumpers and recessed control settings that is resistant to impact.

The device is very easy to monitor the valve of the patient. It is able to deliver additional breaths on demand by the inspiratory effort of the patient.