IT that Helped us through Covid 19

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Information technology was one of the few areas of industry that didn’t suffer as a result of the pandemic.

IT isn’t what springs to mind when we think of glamorous jobs in the technology industry. Like it or not, though, jobs in IT aren’t going anywhere but up. While the rest of us struggle to get back to business as normal, this is one sector of industry that was redefining its version of normal, for the better. 

Since England is almost back to opening fully again, we thought it was high time we perused some of the best IT businesses that helped all of us make it through the last 18 months. Put your hands together and give them a round of applause, or even just your patronage.

Online Businesses that Helped Keep us Sane in 2020

Let’s not forget the few businesses that helped power us through the pandemic so that we could still work, study, and see the people we love.

1 – Hays

Let’s start off by pointing everyone towards one of the biggest IT job search sites in the UK. Hays Technology provided us with courses to keep our minds occupied, kept us up to date with changes in the job market, and provided us with all the tech help we needed, when we had to shift a nation towards working from home. They are unsung, but they managed to get thousands of us back into work after the economy slumped.

2 – Zoom

Everyone knows of Zoom by now. They experienced massive usage during the pandemic, as family members sought to use their video chat app to stay in touch. That initial boost of use between families quickly spread to workplace meetings, which led to studying in schools being able to continue with minimal disruption. Another hero of the pandemic, Zoom ditched their 40 minute limit on free calls so that families could stay in touch, free of charge.

3 – Amazon

Whether you love them or hate them, Amazon managed to keep us all fully clothed and topped up with non0essential products during the pandemic. Let’s give a big thanks to the post office, while we are here, for delivering parcels even when everyone else was scared to go out. Both companies operated with unbelievable efficiency given the onslaught they faced. Better than there ability to supply us, however, was Amazon’s care for testing their staff and their donations to communities worldwide. 

4 – eBay

Perhaps in a lesser way to Amazon, but along the same lines, eBay created work for those who had goods to sell but no platform to sell them on. Using the power of the Royal Mail, this online auction site managed to keep many of us clothed during the pandemic. We started new hobbies, bought gifts, and shopped for homeware, all through eBay.

Technology Businesses that will Thrive in 2021

We predict there will be more of the same to come. People haven’t forgotten those that supported them through this traumatic period. There will be a real trend towards using their goods in future.