Is Lotus Notes Migration Right For You?

There are several newer technologies out there. Not everything is meant for your business and industry though; you have to pick and choose. Email systems are one of the most important functions and organizations across industries cannot do without them. So if you are considering Lotus Notes Migration, knowing whether it is right for you is the first step.

If you need the following 4 things, then Lotus Notes can be a good choice.

High-Quality Security

If your organization requires more data security than the average business, then it can opt for Lotus Notes. It offers tremendously strong protection against data breaches and malware. It has built-in features that make breaching it almost impossible. This makes a lot of sense if your employees regularly send highly sensitive emails.

Synchronization of Data

If you want synchronized data in several computers at the same time, then this software is certainly something to consider. A replica can be created with Lotus Notes. You can work on it offline which is great if employees regularly work on the road or from places where the network connection isn’t very good. Getting central access is easy and you will always have access to all the data.

To Find Something Quickly

If in your business, the inability to find something quickly is a pet peeve, making the switch can be a smart idea.

Authorized employees will structure, filter and find what they need easily and with little time wasted. Each database has its own unique ID, which means finding something fast is possible.

Perhaps it is time to switch your email server to Lotus Notes. The transition may seem complex but it is not so if you have professional help. At RockTeam, get the best professionals behind your business and let them hold your hands and make the migration process as simple for you as possible.