Internet Growth over the Last Decades and How Undersea Cables Have Been Used

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Over 20 years ago, users of the internet were mostly located in the US and usage and connections were low. The internet was just not used by everyone – in fact, it was a rather tiny internet. Today internet users are from all areas of the world and they want to have high-speed access to everyone with information available to the smallest places in the world. 


We have seen a surge in the construction of new cable systems that connect and develop to emerging markets and now bring access that is much improved to high-speed data transmission for prices that are competitive. With the top monitoring frameworks already in place to aid deployment and take care of these cables, it is encouraging that upgrades to undersea cables will only make things better. 

Subsea/undersea cables

Undersea or subsea cables are one valued commodity in our current global communication situation. The undersea group is owned by many and various international companies; one example being ATT and it is these companies that provide high-speed connectivity and capacity for large continental areas that are important parts for trade and communications around the globe. If cables undersea outside of the US territorial waters were interrupted, even for a few hours, the capacity of modern US warfare that needs battle communications and awareness, protection, as well as the constancy of the financial networks would be at risk

Global platform

This global platform allows most consumers and businesses around the globe to stay connected, but this platform was built on years of long-term investments in these undersea cables that offer connections to be made between continents. Most international data traffic, including the internet, text message and phone calls are transmitting through subsea cables and most of this work and mapping was done by companies such as Infrapedia.

Meaning of subsea

Subsea refers to ocean equipment, operation or applications fully submerged especially when these are all some remoteness offshore in deepest ocean water or in some case the seabed itself. The term is frequently used in connection with:

  • Oceanography
  • Engineering ocean or marine
  • Exploration of the ocean
  • Operating vehicle remotely
  • Autonomous underwater vehicles
  • Submarine exploration
  • Submarine communication
  • Power cable
  • Mineral mining on the seafloor
  • Gas and oil
  • Offshore wind power