Important Points to Check before Getting a Warehouse Desktop Label Printer

Label printers play a crucial role in the operations division of warehouses. They make sure the product is rightly labeled and will reach the right destination without fail.  That is why correct labeling is of the utmost importance because if these labels have any sort of problems, the entire flow of operations can be affected. There will be issues with scanning, reliability, and inventory management within the warehouse. 

That is why label printers are used as they can perfectly print barcodes, avoiding all sorts of error. There are two options to choose from under this printer category; the basic desktop model and the industrial one. 

Let us understand how you can choose the best one:

Printing method

These printers are available in direct thermal or thermal transfer versions. The latter one is extremely resistant to print fading, and you can print a variety of options with this. You can also print barcodes with direct thermal method. It is a cost-effective solution as they do not use any additional variety of ribbons, ink, or even toners. However, they need specialized labels to have the prints done effectively.

Label size and symbology of the barcode

You need to ensure that your chosen printer has the provision for printing different kinds of labels in different languages as per your need. This will ensure that you are printing the correct label range. Both the desktop and the industrial printers support the standard label sizes so it’s easier to get what you desire. However, if you want to print larger size of labels, you will have to rely on the industrial ones particularly.


Desktop printers do not need any added accessories to perform well but industrial printers need a few. For instance, they need automatic label cutters, rewinders, or peelers to help them streamline the entire labeling process without any notable interruption.

Label volume

A desktop printer is the right pick for scenarios that involve lower volumes. This would include prints that range within a few hundred labels a day. If you need to print a few thousand labels a day, you should opt for industrial printers. Industrial printers will provide you with the speed you need, and you will also get the required quantity on time.

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