Importance of Free PNG Image Platform for Designing Purposes

Portable Network Graphics or PNG image was introduced in 90’s decade of last century, mainly for web designing. Originally, GIF files were preferred for web development by the prominent developers. But some basic problems noted in GIF format made them look out for an alternative solution and finally, PNG image was formed after correcting all the defects of GIF. Now, there are some websites that play the role of a free PNG image platform, by offering plenty of PNG images online to the people interested in downloading these wonderful creations.

Use of PNG image in web designing – The professional web developers love to download free PNG images from the creative websites, for lessening their tasks of beautifying the websites of their clients. These PNG images are now perfectly supported by the latest version of Internet Explorer, which is the best browser for using these images. However, it is found that other internet browsers also support the downloading of these images. The colors used in PNG images can be made fully transparent with the use of certain online tools, which is a beneficial feature in web designing. The commercial logos look better with the softer coloring shades against well-designed backgrounds of the websites. These images can be saved for future use, without losing the basic qualities, unlike GIF images that lost the actual glamour on compression. Moreover, PNG files look exactly the same on the screens of all devices and with all types of operating systems; thus lessening a huge headache of the web designers.

PNG images for personal use – The colorful PNG clipart images are often downloaded for free, by many people for their own personal causes as well. During Christmas and New Year, people need to send lots of greeting cards online to their friends and other near ones. So a free PNG clipart image platform serves as their best solution in this matter, where they can find plenty of remarkable images that are created to suit such festive occasions. People can also download PNG clipart images for wishing Happy Birthday to their dear ones on their special days. Some people also like to use these stock PNG clipart images as wallpapers on their desktops or laptops. These vivid graphics of PNG images are also used by the bloggers to beautify their personal and professional blogs, to make their contents more attractive and engaging to the readers.

As these PNG images are available for free and have no problem of copyright, anyone can download them from the sites anytime and may store them for future uses.