How to Stop Being Boring and Write SEO Content That Matters

Life is hectic, and it’s tough to be interesting all the time. Fortunately, nobody expects people to be as they go about their daily responsibilities. But writing a blog article is anything but routine. Sticking to the same stuff everyone else writes about is boring. Stretch beyond the usual to write SEO content that matters and makes people come back for more.

Who Is the Audience?

Writers must know who they are talking to so they know the right language to use. For example, it would be a poor practice to write modern slang for a senior audience. And younger people might not understand references to television shows and political figures from thirty years ago. Speak in the manner the audience uses every day. Avoid industry-specific language that might be over their heads. Use short sentences and paragraphs to hold the reader’s attention.

What Does the Audience Want?

Content needs to do more than being written and published. An article should answer a question, tell someone how to do something, entertain the reader or provide pertinent information. Visit Quora and Facebook to find out what people are talking about right now. Craft content that addresses modern concerns and trends as they pertain to your industry. When an article delivers what the audience wants, they share it and return to the site to read more.

How Does a Business Develop a Fresh Voice?

Nobody wants to sound like the competition. Unfortunately, a lack of creativity means businesses start to seem the same. Stand out from the din of the crowd by developing a fresh voice. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months or years to build a recognizable brand. Create a compelling logo, slogan, and mission statement. Determine the approach the company has when doing business, from humorous to serious. Adopt this tone in all the organization’s marketing materials, from brochures to blog articles.

When Is the Right Time to Write?

People need to focus on writing SEO content. The articles must be exciting and incorporate SEO best practices, such as the use of keywords and metadata. Avoid writing when tired or distracted. Often it helps to develop a rough outline based on preliminary research. Having the basics laid out enables a writer to start filling in the blanks. Once the research and format are done, a writer can take a one-of-a-kind approach to the subject.

Is There Anything Specific That Should Be in the Content?

All content should be well-written, without obvious spelling and grammar errors. Use a program to check the work before it gets published. Perform keyword research with a tool such as Google Keyword Analytics. Find short-tail and long-tail keywords related to the topic to incorporate into the article. Articles with images, infographics or video tend to get more views than ones that consist of just written content. Use internal and external reference links to enhance the value of the article. Share the article on social media to reach more readers.

SEO content is a challenging project, especially for busy business owners. Many decide to outsource this work to a skilled professional. Either way, the articles should always be compelling, optimized, and enticingly original – anything less is boring.

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