How to Schedule Instagram Posts with Hopper HQ tool

Just like Facebook, the scheduling the posts to Instagram cannot be done directly without any tool. To start scheduling the posts of your Instagram, you need to use an Instagram scheduling tool.The Hopper HQ is the best social media scheduler tool for video, photos, and carousel posts. It comes with a free 14-days trial so that you can check and test all the features of this tool.

Without any further delay, here’s how to get started with Hopper HQ to schedule the Instagram posts.

Step 1: Create a Hopper HQ account

The first thing you need to do is just signup on Hopper HQ account to start a free 14-days trial to check it out. Then you need to plan the posts of your social media platforms.

Step 2: Connect your Instagram Account

When you are successfully registered with Hopper HQ account, the dashboard of your account is open up where you can connect your social profile accounts to manage and schedule the posts.

Step 3: Upload Photos and Videos

Once you successfully connected and verified with Hopper HQ account, you will start to begin to schedule your Instagram posts. To select image or video, you need to click on the “Create Posts” on the dashboard of the Hopper HQ account. You can also upload bulk content (up to 50 files) from your PC or the web URL, Google Drive, etc.

Once the upload is completed, you can add more images to make a gallery of your images and edit them also. If your image size is not correct then you will get an alert to use crop preset dimensions.

Step 4: Final touches on your post before publishing

Once the uploading and editing of your content are finished, you can write your captions, tag a friend, use of hashtags, and your first comments for all your posts. These following things will get published with your posts at its scheduled time of your posts. In the Hopper HQ tool, you can also add emojis, tell stories, color schemes, etc.

Besides, you can also add location to increase the engagement rate of your Instagram posts with a location. It will help you to target the audience by adding a particular location in your posts. Now, it’s your choice to whether you want to post your content immediately buy “Post Now”, scheduling the date and time of posts or just save it as a draft for further modifications. After deciding the factor which thing you need, just click on the “Save Changes” to schedule your posts. With Hopper HQ, you can easily make a change by drag and drop in the posts and the calendar view.

How Often Should You Post To Instagram?

Well, there is no specific answer to this question, because the answer or reason for this question will depend from person to person on how often to post your content on Instagram account. At Hopper HQ tool, it will recommend you to posts at least 1-3 posts in a day without getting spammy zone.

Onaverage, several companies or brands are posting their content on Instagram with a range of 1-2 posts per day. Although, the posting frequency is also varied by sector or brands. So this tool is worthwhile to check out the competition of your niche to see how often they are posting onInstagram.

What Is The Best Time To Schedule Instagram Posts?

By using Hopper HQ for the first time by using their 14-days free trial with a free best time to post tool, you can easily connect your Business or personal Instagram account to the best suitable time for your to post the content and helps to target your audience fast, then schedule your posts for the times to boost the engagement rate of your post and account.