How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Samsung

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Are You Having Trouble Recovering Your Lost Android Photos?

Photographs seize memories, it’s as if you capture time and freeze moments forever inside a picture. From big fat traditional albums to terabytes filled with android photographs, the evolution has been revolutionary. Cell phones today help you carry everything in your pocket.

Have you ever accidentally erased all the images on your phone? Recovering lost pictures through computers is too complicated to give it a try. Good new? Recovering lost images has now become hassle-free. Here’s how you can recover lost photos on your Samsung device.

Step one: Download the free Android photo recovery app FindMyPhoto. Visit the Google play store on your device. Search and install the FindMyPhoto application.

Step two: launch and run the application on your Samsung device. Click on the “Tap to recovery” option available in the middle of your screen. Allow the application to scan your Samsung device to regain all the deleted pictures.

Step three: once the scanning is complete, the application will display all your deleted pictures on the screen. Select the picture you want to retrieve from the lost pictures. The application also provides a preview option to enable clarity.

Step four: on the bottom right corner of your screen select the recovery option to recover the selected pictures. This will indeed help you recover lost photos on your Samsung device.

If you think you lost your pictures forever, sigh now! FindMyPhoto helps recover lost photos on all the android devices. Try the application right away. You might as well want to thank the developers after you regain all your lost photos.

Everything You Ought To Know About FindMyPhoto

FindMyPhoto is a free photo recovery app for android phones. The application provides top-notch features like privacy, no pop-up ads, photo and video recovery from both internal and external storage space and exemption from free trial scams. The application works well on all the android devices.

To know about all the available features in detail visit free Android photo recovery app FindMyPhoto

FindMyPhoto helps you recover lost photos without root access or computers. The application successfully recovers photos even if the device is physically damaged. The application also provides an option to save all the lost photos and videos. Recapture and cherish the frozen moments. Get – Set – Download!