How to make a great selfie

We all know that selfie is a part of life. Selfie is an important way to document our lives and share it with friends and family, from your first photo of your baby to your last photo before you go to college. But not all selfie is the same … so if you want to take the perfect selfie, follow these six tips:


Six tips on how to take a great selfie

Try using natural lighting first. Proper lighting will also help you look more confident and friendly. When taking a selfie outdoors, try to be outside during the day. This light complements any skin tone and the warm glow of the sun brightens the circles under the eyes and texture. Other times, sunlight will cast white light. For best results, use natural, filtered, or filtered sunlight. The light will be more flattering, but also more realistic.

Second, when taking a selfie, try to focus on your face, avoid the double chin, and keep your face slightly above the camera and the background on one side of the shot. Rotate the camera up and down to get the right perspective to get the perfect shot. If you are unsure, repeat these steps and you will see that your photos improve.

Third, find a background that is interesting and will not distract from your face. A good background for your photos includes color and location of objects. Too many colors or objects in one shot can make people focus on it instead of you, so if possible, use something like white! Don’t let clutter ruin an otherwise professional-looking image by distracting nothing from what’s important; namely myself.

Fourth, when it comes to expressing a certain style, clothes and hairstyles are an important part of the equation. Different clothes, hairstyles or even make-up can express different styles that suit everyone differently depending on what the world wants from them – sports? elegant sweetness like a lady? neutral cold! Make sure you experiment with all of these options until you find the one that’s right for you; Don’t copy other people’s photos just because it looks good in comparison, but rather get inspired from anywhere (even from this article) and try again until there are no mistakes left.

Fifth, smile! A lot of people forget about it, but it’s important for a happy selfie. A smile is the best way to go! You should always smile when taking pictures. You can play with different smiles and expressions that suit every occasion – such as shyness with your mouth closed or even just laughing out loud in pursuit of humor (remember: no one likes a boring person). Smile often because it definitely shows how attractive we are when we are captured on video with a camera.

Finally, take a selfie with others. A selfie is a photo of yourself, but no rule says you can’t take some friends and family with you. When you grab other people, your picture will be more fun and attractive than if you take them yourself.


You may think that making a great selfie is as easy as snapping your fingers, but in reality it’s much more complicated. You need to consider all of the above factors when taking the perfect selfie. In addition, a mobile phone with powerful camera functions is an essential tool for anyone who loves to take a selfie. The honor 50 12gb is a good choice. We hope this post has provided you with some helpful tips to ensure you have the best selfie at hand!