How To Improve The Coverage Of Your Mobile Phone Or Smartphone

Who has not ever been left without mobile coverage at the worst time? It has happened to all of us at some time; that is why we offer you these tips that will help you to prevent it from happening to you again.

In today’s society, we need our electronic devices, Smartphones (Cricket phones), and Tablets to have adequate coverage to take advantage of their full potential.

When our smartphones’ coverage is terrible or null, we feel disconnected and isolated, and we want to solve this problem as soon as possible.

If you want to know how to improve your mobile coverage, read our following recommendations carefully.

Tips to Improve Your Mobile Coverage

There can be many reasons that cause your Smartphone’s coverage to be weak, from technical reasons until the area in which you are is very isolated. Still, sometimes the causes are avoidable and straightforward.

We are going to review some of them and their possible solutions.

Coverage Comes Through The Antenna

Some time ago, mobile phones had an external antenna, but Smartphones have the antenna built-in.

So you must locate where the antenna is in your terminal and try not to cover it when you pick up the mobile and of course, if you put a protective case on your Smartphone, check that it does not interfere with the correct operation of the antenna.

If you suffer from poor coverage on your mobile phone, these are the first checks that you should carry out.

Find The Nearest Signal Repeater

If coverage problems persist after performing the above actions, you should locate and get as close as possible to the nearest signal repeater.

Several Apps, such as the well-known Open Signal (available on IOS and Android), help us find the closest repeater antenna.

Avoid Obstacles Between The Repeater Signal And The Mobile

Once we know where the repeater signal is coming from, we must avoid enormous physical obstacles that can weaken the signal strength.

An easy way to do this is by placing ourselves as high as possible.

Try To Avoid Crowded Places

It is easy to understand that if we are in a crowded place with people using their electronic devices, we will most likely have difficulty getting good coverage.

The repeater signal has to be distributed among all the terminals, and this will eventually affect its quality. Therefore, if you can avoid these places, do so.