How to get free flippa listings credits coupons?

Many people are looking for Free Flippa credits so that they can list free auctions on flippa to test whether it is a worthy platform to sell domains or not?. Many already redeemed such Free Flippa coupons earlier, Many are in search of such free flippa coupons.

Earlier, Flippa used to provide free coupons for new account users as a gift just to motivate the users. They used to celebrate occasions like Black Friday, New Year and Flippa Birthday with such bangs that provide many free coupons to its users but it has been a long time since Flippa issued any free coupons.

Flippa usually issues coupons to websites with good Link lifting, The websites with good backlinks and domain names which are premium.

At present Flippa lost the respect and credibility where it was earlier. Now, they are discriminating with members, making fake upgrades claims, providing free coupons to some close friends, banned account without any concern, and banned some countries from getting payment through credit card.

Flippa is full of complaints, scams and spams but still website flipping is doing good at Flippa because of shill bidding or editor choice listings but If I talk of domain flipping then fake listings are in the most active section.

If you have free Flippa listings coupons then you have more chances to make a sale on flippa and for that you must have a premium domain name or premium website. If you own a premium domain or website then you can drop an email to Flippa at and ask for the coupons.

You can even email at and showcase the domains you have. If it looks best to them then they will provide you some free Flippa credits. The flippa is no more offering free coupon credits for new accounts. They stopped the gifts, which they used to offer earlier.

This is the only authenticated way to get free flippa coupons.

I hope the above post on “How to get Free Flippa listings credit coupons” will definitely help you.