How to Find Original Soundtrack for P2P Sharing

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If you are interested in the Original Soundtrack such as the original song or songs from:

  • Movies;
  • TV;
  • Shows;
  • Video games.

There are places where you can go to find P2P soundtracks for you to download and if you have any soundtracks to share you can upload them for others to use. Ostwiki is the perfect place to go.


Soundtrack, or sound track, is recorded music that usually accompanies and synchronized to the movie pictures, book image, television shows, or video game. Often people only want the soundtrack and this is the way to find them for download.


The difference between OST and PST basically is that the OST files is save data files for offline use and are often stored in MS Exchange Servers.  OST files of soundtracks can be found at Ostwiki site along with discussions forum for:

  • Movie soundtracks;
  • Game soundtracks;
  • TV soundtracks;
  • Music from other sources.

OST files are used to describe the musical soundtrack that can be on recorded medium such as CDs.  


Hans Zimmer is a composer of original soundtrack and is famous for the integration of electronic music sounds with the traditional orchestral arrangements.  He is also runs the DreamWorks studios film music division has works with many other composers through a company that he alone founded – “Remote Control Productions”, once known as “Media Ventures”.  His soundtracks as OST files are greatly prized and sought after. 

Share or find

If you are searching for a movie or TV or game soundtrack and don’t want to buy an entire movie or TV show, OSTwiki is the place to go.  And if you already have files to share this is where you can go to upload for others to use. It is a great way for P2P sharing.