How to Create an Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Inbound marketing is tied in with making true worth that enables individuals to improve in a picked region while making your business appear to be unique from the rest. As it explained in a simple way, it is all about grabbing the attention of your audience in a simple way thereby creating a positive impact on them and finally turning them to your brand advocates.

The vital step of inbound marketing is about creating content that is purposeful to the target audience. This content should be pushed to prospects you want to turn to customers and the customers want them to be repeat buyers.

Developing a solid inbound strategy works is really beneficial for business these days. It is a simple but more effective way to reach out to the target audience and delivering what they need. Delivering the needs of the customer knowing what they need will certainly benefit the business in the long run.

4 Stages of Inbound Marketing

The inbound marketing methodology mainly consists of 4 stages.

  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close 
  • Delight


The primary benefit of inbound marketing is you get to the target and attract an audience who are into or more aligned with your business. With a strong inbound strategy, you can identify who your actual buyers are rather than random targeting. After identifying the suitable buyer personas you can create inbound marketing methodologies like blogging, emails to nurture your audience. The content should not only educate the audience but also give them answers for what they want.


After getting the people attracted to your website, the next step is to convert them into leads. To convert them into leads you have to provide something beneficial to the targeted audience that they find value for. It is important to convert those visitors to leads as a part of the inbound marketing strategy.

  1. Close

This is the third step of the inbound marketing methodology. Closing is all about nurturing the leads to convert them into prospects. This process is carried out by educating the leads, thereby pushing them to the bottom of the marketing funnel. The whole process of this methodology is about converting these prospects to sales.

  1. Delight

Inbound Marketing Methodology goes beyond sales. The whole process is to convert buyers into brand advocates. Use marketing methods like email marketing and social media marketing to assist your customers with the required support and engage with them consistently.

Happy Customers are always an asset to the business or organisation in the long run. Engage with them in the process to convert them to brand advocates. That’s where the marketing funnel ends in the inbound marketing methodology.

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