How to Convert More Users into Paid Customers

One of the major issues that most SEO agencies across the country and the world for that matter face is low conversion rate despite heavy investment. They spend millions of dollars on various branding and promotion tasks, yet fail to convert users into paid customers. If you wish to stand out and increase the number of customers who are willing to pay for your clients’ products and services, then follow the tips mentioned here-


Create Attractive Posts

The first thing that you need to take care of in order to get conversions on social media is engagement. Unless you post engaging content on various social media sites, there are high chances that people won’t notice them. So, start posting attractive and attractive posts that can get users’ attention in a flash.


Targeted Promotion Holds the Key


You can promote your post in front of millions of social media users, but it’s of no use unless they visit your site and purchase your product. Instead of this, if you target 100K users who are ready to purchase products similar to yours, then you can get higher conversions. So, change your promotion strategy and focus on doing targeted promotion.

For this purpose, you need a useful tool like URL shortener which can shrink URL of all your social media posts and give you real time analytics data regarding user engagement. With the help of this real-time analytics data, you can check which all social media platforms are sending more traffic to your site and which ones are sending less. Once you know this information, you can take corrective actions and dedicate more time & efforts towards those platforms which are more engaging and result oriented.

Tools like capsulink can help you in this regard and make short URL in an effective manner. Moreover, you can do all your back-end work from a single dashboard, which will save your time and efforts to a great extent.

So, get rid of your doubts and opt for a good URL shortener as soon as possible to convert maximum of your users into paid customers.