How to Choose the Right CCTV Surveillance Camera

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In the event of you had browsed through CCTV surveillance camera brochures with their plethora of options, product shots, specifications, and varying prices, you might have been tempted to leave the idea of upgrading your security system for another day.

The vast range of CCTV surveillance cameras and recorders on the market could be a daunting task. It would make it relatively difficult for you to decide on the system that would be best suited to your home or business environment.

Let us unpack some of the basics of CCTV surveillance cameras to help you choose amongst the various aspects prior to investing in a security camera system.

  • Cheap has been expensive

You should look forward to purchasing the best value for money dahua cctv surveillance camera system within your business or personal budget. It would be wiser to invest in a small but good quality entry-level system that enables you to add more cameras later rather than rushing and buying an unbranded cheap camera leading to buyer’s remorse.

  • Checking the warranty

Several small retailers selling unbranded cameras might only offer a statutory six-month guarantee for the product. You may find yourself fighting for it in the event of the camera failing within the time frame. A reputed security company would sell CCTV surveillance cameras with a warranty of up to three years. They would also offer a self-installation option or a free professional installation service.

  • Understanding basic capabilities of the camera

When choosing CCTV cameras, it would be imperative that you consider the size of the lens, memory for data storage, and wide angle degree. For every millimeter of the size of the lens, the rule of thumb would be how far away in meters the camera would be able to view the subject. The degrees of the wide-angle lens would determine the field of vision along with the shortening of the focal length as the angle tends to get wider.

  • Clarifying the camera type

There would be three kinds of CCTV surveillance cameras made available on the market. These would range from the most affordable entry-level analog CCTV cameras to High Definition or HD to Internet Protocol or IP CCTV cameras. However, with the advancement of technology, the prices of cameras have dropped significantly. As a result, you would be able to lay your hands on the best product for a relatively affordable price.

You should gather adequate knowledge on the wide range of camera technology available on the market before you actually start searching for the one that suits your specific needs.