How to choose Nintendo 3ds and Nintendo 2DS?

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In the Nintendo family, I ask … Not easy to choose among the consoles of the 3DS range, between the New 2DS XL, the New 3DS XL or the small Nintendo 2DS! Each one has its qualities, its particular functions … Small comparison to find oneself there. And we should know R4 3DS flashcards are always available to hack Nintendo 3ds xl/2ds/new2ds xl

Nintendo 2DS: ideal for the youth

Designed to be carried everywhere and offered at a very affordable price, the Nintendo 2DS has been designed for younger players or beginners. Ideal for discovering all the biggest Nintendo 3DS games in 2D, it also allows you to connect with the Nintendo community to share your games and get into multiplayer games with a wireless connection. The console has been designed so that even small hands can easily use it. It offers many features thanks to its side buttons and its circular pad, which allows a 360 ° control. The 2DS console also has a touch screen and stylus for more interactivity.

The New 3DS XL: an optimal gaming experience

The New Nintendo 3DS XL is a bit like the Rolls of Nintendo’s portable consoles. With its small size and controls enriched with new buttons and a new C stick, it allows optimal control of games of very different types (action, race, platform, RPG, etc.) and simplified navigation on the Internet. The New 3DS XL outperforms previous consoles, enabling it to download new applications such as the Miiverse communications system faster. This console also benefits from the NFC function which allows players to improve their games by incorporating the amiibo figures. They are to be arranged simply on an area provided for this purpose on the lower screen of the console. Finally, the extra-stable 3D function makes it possible to adjust the 3D images to the player’s viewing angle even if the player moves while playing, ensuring a great playing comfort.

The New 2DS XL: the perfect compromise

Now here is the youngest of the family. The New Nintendo 2DS XL is a new version of the 3DS console, with new housing, larger screens and a return to 2D. By renouncing 3D, the New Nintendo 2DS XL has gained autonomy: screens are less energy-intensive, the battery can last longer. Like its counterparts, this new Nintendo console is backward compatible, meaning you can play all Nintendo games previously released as well as games designed for the 3DS XL. The foldable case and controls of the New 2DS XL are copied to the 3DS XL. The console is easy to handle, but it is no longer one piece like the 2DS. The choice of 2D instead of 3D not only allows a better battery life, but also a more affordable price, and the console retains the stylus and the NFC function that allows the player to include amiibo.

After the presentation the Nintendo 3ds/2ds, we will talk about R4 3ds flashcard.

These cards used to flash Nintendo 3ds/2ds. For example, sky3ds+ to play 3ds games, r4i sdhc 3ds rts to play ds games.

Can Sky3ds+ play 3DS games on 3DS / 2DS with V11.10.0?

Sky3ds + can play 3D games on 3DS / 2DS V11.9.0. It works on all lower and upper CFWs. It supports almost all Nintendo 3D games, including the latest Warioware Gold. It’s plug and play, users just need to download the sky3ds + firmware and the free 3ds ROM files to run it on the Nintendo 3ds 11.9 firmware. All in all, if you are looking for a memory card to play All 3ds games (except the eshop) easily on 11.9, Sky3ds + is your choice! Here is a sky3ds + user guide for the 3DS / 2DS V11.9 console.

  • Prepare a MicroSD card for your Sky3ds +, format it with Fat32 or exFAT.
  • Go to to download the latest firmware Sky3ds + v140, unzip the firmware file, get the firmware.bin.
  • Go to to download free 3ds ROMs, make sure you have .3ds files.
  • Drag the firmware.bin and .3ds files to the root folder of your SD card
  • Insert the MicroSD card into your sky3ds +
  • Put sky3ds + in your 2DS / 3DS V11.9 console, then play 3ds games now!

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