How to buy 500 youtube views

Does a keyword search to give your video a title and define a niche? This tip is very important for getting visitors and should be repeated.

Looking at keywords related to topics that people are already searching on YouTube will help you to title your new video and select tags. However, it can also serve as an inspiration for the next topic in your video.

There are a lot of potentials to be revealed. How to clean your brewing container. Or how to perform the second fermentation. All of these topics can be the subject of your video.

SEO tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner can help you identify the words people use to find the information provided. Your goal is to find a topic in the sweet spot. The proficiency score will be lower, but the search volume will be higher.  This will help you to increase your YouTube views in a very fast way.

This avoids creating a video that no one is looking for. Or a video with a title that no one can find.

In addition, it helps avoid creating content on topics that are already highly competitive before they are ready.

Providing people with something they don’t know yet

To attract new eyes, 80% of your videos need to be SEO-focused (see tips above), but 20% are still value-added content. This means an exclusive video that no one else can or thinks of.

As a bonus: Your Blue Sea Strategy (also known as making videos in a non-competitive market space) is a place where you can be creative and do something new and original.

Create current and current videos

There is another 80/20 rule. 80% are perennials, and 20% are local.

Yes, timeless content is important for increasing total playtime. (Halloween videos aren’t very popular in February.) But thematic content is important when trying to convince people to subscribe.

This is because the current content needs to be consumed immediately or close to it. Therefore, if the latest political blunders, NBA games, or the latest views on the red carpet gala are a must-see addition to your internet speech, you should notify your fans. And they subscribe.

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Partner with other channels

Take advantage of your audience as they trust your recommendations, and their audience trusts their recommendations. You can easily buy views on YouTube by following these above-mentioned tips.