How often does duplicate content gets published?

It might not cross your mind that often but how do you know whether what you’re reading right now isn’t just a copy of someone else’s work? How can you be sure that an article or paper which claims to be original, indeed is? You just have to take their word for it. In our minds, that is not enough, and that is precisely why we are going to discuss the occurrence and popularity of duplicate content. How often it gets published why is it dangerous etc. Let’s begin.

How often?

Editors are the ones who work with content the most. They get articles, pieces and scripts on a daily basis. They are trained to find unique and original content so what about their line of work, how often do they find plagiarism? In a survey of anonymous editors, an estimate of 34.6% answered that they get duplicate content on their table almost daily or more than 3 times per week. Different private research conducted that over 41% of the content online is duplicated from something else. This means that duplicates are an often guest at the web, so how to deal with it?

Duplicate content checker

Using a duplicate content checker is what you need. A duplicate content checker is a specially made software designed to spot and recognized the plagiarised content. Plagramme is ahead of the curve when it comes down to finding plagiarised content, so we recommend using it for your endeavours. With tremendous accuracy and over 14 trillion sources, you are destined to spot a duplicate if it is one.

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