How is a cluster of computers helpful?

Technology has always played a significant role in flourishing and nourishing the government, business or an individual. The growth of a nation is sometimes also depicted by the growth of the technology used by it.

Embracing technology for the success of the business is needed. Not everyone is aware of the things technology can help us achieve. One such technology includes the presence of cloud computing platforms. Various firms provide this service like Amazon Web Services in short AWS, Microsoft, IBM, etc. This technology can help us in many ways:

  • People can have their own virtual cluster of computers. They can access this at anytime, anywhere using the internet.

– A cluster of computers means a set of computers which are programmed by software in such a way that they work as a single unit. Every computer has its own node, and if one computer requires any maintenance then, it can be treated individually without disturbing other computers. Another benefit is that more computers can be added without interrupting the functions performed by the current cluster.

  • Computing and networking.

– All the activities that are performed by a computer like computation (arithmetic and non-arithmetic functions), hardware and software functions, etc. can be accomplished.

– The exchange of information among the cluster of computers through Wi-Fi or cables is networking.

  • Databases, analytics, and deployment.

– The systematic management of the data in the computer by the database management software (DBMS). It can be accessed by the end-user. The several servers are connected to the one single database.

– It makes the deployment, i.e. access to the software’s easier.

– Analytics in computing means interpretation as well as communicating pattern of data which helps in productive decision making.

  • Application services and system management.

– The application service provider makes it a lot better for a user to access different software with many advantages like the availability of updated software. Reliable and accurate performance.

– In system management, storage management, security management, data management, server availability, networking capabilities are taken care of.

  • The other services provided are storage, developer tools.