How do I get my Microsoft Access Repaired?

Microsoft access plays a crucial role in maintaining all necessary records and database of the clients. It is one of the essential tools and applications when it comes to storing clients information and other details. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you always create a backup handy of the Microsoft access data, so that in case if the file gets corrupted (it is a widespread occurrence) you have your data handy and have nothing to worry about.

However, if you do not have the backup, you still have nothing to worry about. There are many professional in the market who excel in providing you best yet reasonable service. 

Common Causes of Data Corruption

Out of the many reasons why your Microsoft Access has been corrupted, the common ones are –

  1. You have shut down your system abruptly or in an improper manner.
  2. Software bugs in the Access or jet Software can also corrupt the data.
  3. Improper third party plug-ins can also cause corruption in your database.
  4. While making changes to the data, if there is any form of interruption, may also be the cause of data damage. 
  5. Hardware Failure.
  6. If you frequently edit the data in the memo Fields, it increases the chances of Access database corruption.

All these above causes may require you to get your Microsoft Access repaired by a professional to retain or recollect all the missed data due to corruption. However, work done improperly can cause your data to be lost forever. Therefore it is of utmost importance to hire someone trustworthy. 

Troubleshooting Steps to Repair the corrupt Data

Step 1 – you need to Restore the Database from your backup file. 

It is vital to restore the data from the backup, and then you will be able to repair the damaged or corrupt files.

Step 2 – You need to delete files with .ldb extensions (Microsoft Access Lock Information)– 

These files are auto-created with the same file name but a .ldb extension.

Step 3 –Next use the Jet Database compact Utility

This utility engine of Access helps to auto fix small and minor issues that crop up time to time. So if your problem is fundamental, this step shall solve your issue. If not, then proceed.

Step 4 – You need to remove all the Compiled VBA code from your database – 

This can be done using this command – C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\MsAccess.exe /decompile C:\DatabasePath\FileName.mdb\

Step 5 – Use the Built-in Access Compact and Repair Feature – 

For this, you need to open MS Access (not the database file) and go to Database Tools > Compact & Repair Database. Once the dialogue box opens, select the corrupt file that you need to repair and click on OK.

Step 6 – Now, Import the Corrupt database objects in a New database – 

This procedure will help you Repair Access Database File that might have turned corrupt due to damaged system tables.

If running the above Troubleshoot also doesn’t help, you must get in touch with a professional who will do your task in a jiffy. It is of utmost importance to note that, while troubleshooting for Microsoft Access Repair if you do any incorrect step, or miss out on any important point, it can lead to permanent damage and loss of your important files. Hence it is best to get the task done by a professional who is well versed with all procedure and can safely repair all corrupt and damaged files so that you can run your business smoothly.