Honor 50 Lite Review

The Honor 50 model is the brands’ flagship phone in the mid-range category. And when we hear the term “mid-range,” some of us might immediately think that they’re affordable. Although they’re much cheaper compared to more premium models, which would cost you thousands of dollars—those that are in the middle are somewhat budget-friendly and should be affordable. However, this isn’t exactly the case. There are still individuals who don’t have the budget to afford them.

If you want to get your hands on the Honor 50 but don’t have the means to avail one, then the good news is that this brand has a cheaper option—introducing the Honor 50 Lite. With this being said—is it a good alternative to its more expensive model? Is it worth the money to invest in them despite some of the compromised features? Let’s begin today’s topic and find out more about the device…

Honor 50 Lite: Design and Built-Quality

Upon first sight, you may not notice any difference in the design of the Honor 50 Lite and the premium version of Honor 50. However, upon closer inspection, the front-end is IPS LCD, and the casing is made of hard plastic instead of glass which is the primary characteristic of the Honor 50s body—from the screen to the casing. 

You also have to be extra careful when you are out using your phone because they may not be reliable against accidental drops or water splashes such as rainfall. It may not be as reliable compared to the premium model, but again, the phone still looks elegant and aesthetically pleasing. 

Honor 50 Lite: Hardware and Performance

Do not expect that you’ll receive the same amount of power with the lighter model of the Honor 50. Although it is equipped with the updated Android 11 operating system, there are a lot of downgrades that you have to consider as well. For one thing, the device is only 5G which may render your device lag or run at a much slower rate once the network provider’s signal becomes weaker.

A consolation of Honor 50 Lite is that it is equipped with a Snapdragon 662 chipset. The name of the technology may sound all too pleasing to many people, but the microchip can also be found in aging mobile devices such as Moto G9 Power and RedMi 9. It means that it may not run or even load high-end games like Call of Duty, NBA 2K Online, or Fortnite.

The saving grace of the device is that it offers an AI quad-camera—64mp (wide), 8mp (ultrawide), 2mp (macro), and 2mp (depth). On the other hand, the selfie camera has only one lens, which gives you a 16mp quality image.

Honor 50 Lite: Battery Life

Just like the Honor 50, the Lite version is embedded with a fast-charging and non-removable 4300 mAh battery. It can give the same amount of battery power as its more premium model and can charge the device up to 40% in a matter of 10 minutes.

When you’re like playing games, you can expect the mobile phone to run for at least 4 to 6 hours. If you’re only using them to browse the internet and social media or play music or movies, the battery life could last 8 up to 10 hours.

Honor 50 Lite: Price and Availability

So how much is Honor 50 Lite? Here is the big reveal—the retail price of the Honor 50 Lite is only about $250, which is less than 50% of its premium model. And if you’re interested in buying the smart device, you can avail of them at any official distributor. If there are none nearby, you can always check their website for more information on the device.

Our Verdict: Value for Money

Although it’s an apparent step down from the Honor 50, I still believe that the Honor 50 Lite is still a good value for your money. In determining the true value of a device, we have to consider factors such as the price in relation to its features. In the case of the Honor 50 Lite, I believe you are indeed getting your money’s worth if what you’re looking for is an affordable device that can help you with your day-to-day activities.