Here’s how to purchase your Synology camera license packs

Surveillance Device License Pack | Synology Incorporated

Creating a fully operating surveillance network requires more than just a set of surveillance cameras. In order to set up your surveillance network, you at least need quality IP cameras, the right software and sufficient storage for your surveillance footage. However, to connect each individual element to the broader spectrum requires an additional feature: camera licenses. These licenses allow you to connect various IP cameras to the sane system in order to create an all-encompassing network. 

Synology: market leader in surveillance systems 

The number one leader in 360 degrees surveillance systems is Synology. Their state of the art surveillance software and NAS servers allow users to create a network of interconnected IP cameras as desired. Whether it concerns the surveillance of a home or an entire business, with Synology solutions, you’re able to custom Spy cameras specialist seller and create a system that covers all spaces and areas you need observation. 

Why pay for a camera license? 

You may think the purchase of Synology camera licenses is unnecessary and perhaps expansive, however, don’t underestimate the time and money that Synology spends on making nearly every brand and model IP camera compatible with their software and storage. With each new model, they need to adapt parts of their software to fit the specifics. 

Depending on the  number of IP cameras you want to include in your system, you can choose a license that fits your purpose. Whether you want to purchase a license for just a couple of IP cameras or a large number at once – you’re able to choose a license tailored to your needs.

Authorized resellers 

It’s advised to purchase your Synology camera licenses through an authorized reseller. These resellers are official partners of the Synology services and only offer quality and trustworthy camera licenses. Obtaining a Synology camera license through these parties allows you to expand your surveillance network within just minutes. Upon completing your purchase, you’ll receive everything you need in your inbox. You are therefore able to customize and adapt your network 24/7 without interference of regulations or transfer times. 

Your Synology surveillance station  

Do you want to set up or expand a surveillance station that includes multiple IP cameras? Make sure to purchase the right licenses that fit your objectives. This requires some digging into what license covers what number of IP cameras, however, through authorized sellers you’ll be advised on everything you need.