Hands on Jobs: Get your dream job today! 

Concept behind Hands on Jobs

Are you tired of the empty promises and the lies that many job portals continue to dangle in your face? They keep on flashing fancy jobs but nothing actually ever works out for you. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to hear about Hands on Jobs. This app is genuinely uniting job seekers and the career of their dreams. If your job search journey has been anything but easy, trust Hands on Jobs to find you a suitable workplace with ease and swiftness. Alternatively, finding good and qualified staff can be hard for employers too. Hands On Jobs does all the hard work, sieving the brightest talents to your disposal for easy hires!


Download Hands on Job for both Android and iOS today! With it, users enjoy the following behemoth of useful functions: 

  • Profile Creation: Your profile is the first thing employees notice about you. The app aids with the perfect profile creation so job seekers can make the best first impression 
  • Detailed job finder: You obviously have certain preferences for a new job. That may be in terms of benefits, location, position, salary, etc. Hands on Jobs enables users to filter down job vacancies and postings depending on these and other aspects of value to you. 
  • Job tracking: Keen to find out how your application is going? You can keep up with the progress through the app’s job tracking features and portal
  • Localized job searches: The algorithm is geared to show job seekers suitable opportunities in their areas for maximum convenience 
  • Chat with job recruiters: Hands on Jobs offers users the rare opportunity to get to know their potential employers. You can your self better and improve your chances of filling that vacancy 

Working of the app

Simply create a profile on the job portal, stating your skills and education. You will get notifications about available jobs from there, as soon as they are available. You can look up specific jobs as well using certain metrics. Employers meanwhile can easily craft job postings and tap into the pool of readily-available talent.


Where Hands On Jobs is better than the rest

If you’ve been searching for jobs for a while, you’ve probably encountered many times the impersonal cliché “If you don’t hear from us within this timeline, consider your application unsuccessful. Most of the time after you apply for a position you spend weeks, even months, not knowing the outcome of your application. Hands On Jobs keeps job seekers in the know throughout the process, ensuring peace of mind for its users.

Can’t find a job? Try Hands on Jobs and watch doors open in an instant!