Google Algorithm Updates- the Risks for SEO

One key item that you might be overlooking on your site is the risk of SEO and Google algorithm updates. If you do not pay attention to the timing of when updates occur you could find yourself wondering why suddenly the traffic to your site has diminished in such a way and why many of your keywords do not rank anywhere near where they ranked before.

Google has already updated its algorithm a number of times and caused SEO troubles to those sites that were caught off guard and which took a long time to realize these changes had even occurred. It is Therefore a very important tip to be on the lookout for updates so that you can respond in a timely manner to them once they are implemented. Today, with the help of JetRank, an SEO agency, we’ll be going over some important risks to consider with SEO marketing.

SEO Marketing Trends

We can also see some trends of what past updates have been looking for in terms of site elements to target (the factors they look at to benefit sites by giving them better rankings) in order to attempt to make sure to target those areas in our SEO strategies and attempt to anticipate future updates.

For example, Google has kept emphasizing in past updates the importance of having a mobile-friendly site, and this will very likely continue to be emphasised with the ever-increasing number of people entering websites through their mobile devices.

Another aspect that Google has been paying closer attention to with recent updates is the speed on which a site loads. Many people try to save some dollars with cheap hosting but the savings made on paying from hosting can actually cost you more in the long run with less than optimal SEO Service Ahmedabad performance.

We hope that you have found this information useful and that you start being more mindful of Google algorithm updates so that you can be better prepared for them.

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