Since the time Facebook was launched in the year 2016, it has grown from a unique to a popular marketing and broadcasting tool and as the largest social network of the world. As per Facebook, there are billions of live broadcasts that have created by millions of people. Almost two billion individuals have watched the live broadcast- that includes a quarter of the world’s entire population. In today’s time, engagement is the key. More engagement indicates a good response from fans apart from boosting your content. Live videos are winning, and they receive 6 times more interactions compared to the regular Facebook videos. Are you on Facebook? You must check famoid article on facebook likes.

You can begin with your Facebook live video views using your mobile device. With such a huge potential to connect with your customers and fans directly in real time, it is a great marketing tool that can be explored for your businesses. The process to launch a live video on Facebook, also referred to as “going live” is different and it depends whether you are using a business page or a personal profile. One of the easiest ways to start is by creating a Facebook live broadcast from your mobile device directly as it does not need software or special equipment. You can broadcast it anywhere; and for this, you just need a good internet connection.

Ideas for Facebook live videos

When something is there on the minds of people, it is worthwhile for your marketing brand to get involved in the conversation. Always consider whether it is the newest craze or the holidays, it is important to remember that you need to say what is useful and relevant. You can say something on important dates, hot topics, and social events. Facebook’s live platform is great for Q & A and all you require is a host and an interesting guest. The audiences can join in and they can ask question thus, making the whole experience highly interactive.

Live events

From concerts to conferences, Facebook live is a great place for streaming live events. Facebook live video views open to a larger audience thus, widening the scope of an event. In live performances and events, behind-the-scenes is a popular content on many social channels, especially when the matter involves social video. Facebook Live takes the things one step further by providing the audiences an opportunity to ask questions, interact, and influence the direction of the live broadcast. You can check more on Famoid.