G Suite and What It Offers Your Business

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G Suite is an easy and smart set of office tools that boosts productivity at work. Included in these tools are:

  • Gmail
  • Docs
  • Calendar
  • Drive
  • Places to meet
  • And more


Your office will be able to send emails from your business web address as well as create mailing lists for specific areas of your business such as for sales as well as current clients.


The Basic edition of G Suite comes with 30GB of storage online per user. If there is a point where you need more storage, you can then move up to the Enterprise or Business editions of G Suite.

Advanced admin controls 

These are advance controls that help to remove as well as add users, also set up various groups, as well as adding security options like “single sign on” or SSO as well as verification that is 2-step verification all from one console for an administrator that is centralized.

Mobile device management 

With these tools you will also be able to keep company data safe and secure with device management allowing you to locate devices, require passwords, as well as when needed erase data.

Easy migration of data

Using migration services and tools you can move your organization’s vital data to G Suite from your current solutions you have for storage. This allows this data to be integrated with the other parts of the system.


To get further information about G Suite you can contact an authorized reseller – for example there is one currently located in Taiwan. This company has expanded their business to other parts of Asia including Singapore and Malaysia and has built new websites for each country.


When you need help you can contact the reseller for support by email or by calling. You will get help from a live customer service person when you need it. They can give you fast answers or you can go online to their help center.

How to contact

If you are in Malaysia and would like further information about G Suite, you can visit TS Cloud’s website for information like G hr suite  Malaysia pricing. TS Cloud is a Google authorized Partner in Malaysia. For those businesses that have their regional headquarters in Singapore, you can contact G Suite reseller TS Cloud Singapore.