Freecash cashout guide – How to get your money quickly?

One of the best perks that freecash provides is instant payments – enabling users to cashout rewards from offer completions quickly to various online accounts. This payment speed sets them apart from competitors. However, if you’re new to freecash, their cashout process can seem unclear without guidance.

Choosing your payout method

The first step is deciding where you want your earnings sent. Freecash lets you cash out to a variety of online wallets and gift cards. For fastest delivery, paypal and cryptocurrency options like bitcoin are recommended. The major cashout methods with quick payout speeds:

  • Paypal – under 24 hours: the fastest way to get earnings is via paypal transfers. Standard cashouts take less than 24 hours to reach your connected paypal account. Just link your paypal email to get started.
  • Bitcoin – under 24 hours: you can also cashout earnings to bitcoin wallets instantly. Enter your btc address, choose amount and receive funds in under 24 hours directly as bitcoin via coinbase. Fast option.
  • Gift cards – instant: major retailer gift cards worth $1 to $500+ can also provide instant codes to redeem online. Brands include amazon, walmart, target, playstation, xbox, netflix, domino’s pizza and 300+ more. If you frequently shop at particular stores, gift cards provide instant value.
  • Skrill – under 24 hours: skrill works similarly to paypal, offering digital transfers to your account in under 24 hours. Just sign up for a free skrill account and connect it to freecash to enable withdrawals. Reliable payout method.
  • Tango card – under 24 hours: this unique egift card can be redeemed for other gift cards at popular chains like best buy, home depot, starbucks and many more. Acts like cash to buy whatever card you want. Sent digitally.

Setting up your accounts

Before cashing out, be sure the payment accounts you want funds sent to are fully configured under “settings”. For paypal, connect your paypal email. For bitcoin, add your wallet address. Ensuring accounts are properly set up smooths the withdrawal process. As you complete offers, your “account balance” directly reflects earnings available. Once your balance hits the threshold, cashout options activate for withdrawal access.

Requesting your payout

When ready to cash out, visit the “rewards” section and select your chosen payout method. Enter the amount you want sent (meeting minimum threshold) and submit the request. And that’s it! Within the defined timelines, your earnings will be delivered directly to your connected online account. Doesn’t get much easier than that!For paypal, withdrawn amounts appear in your paypal balance. For bitcoin, funds will show in your crypto wallet. For gift cards, redemption code is sent.

Cashing out tips

To optimize the overall process, keep these tips in mind:

  • After in-depth evaluation of Free Cash, stick to faster options like paypal and bitcoin for 24 hour delivery. Direct deposits are best for speed.
  • Ensure your accounts are all set up accurately to prevent processing issues.
  • Redeem gift card codes quickly as they may expire if unused after some months.
  • You can cashout instantly multiple times per day, withdrawals are unlimited.
  • Larger amounts may take only slightly longer than the minimums.

Avoid competitor hassles involving long waits, processing delays or difficult redemptions with smooth processing.