Four Cloud Backup Features You Didn’t know Existed

Data backup solutions like the ottomatik have made business owners more conversant with the art of backing up data as a security measure for when disaster strikes. Agreeably, various incidences pose threats to data, especially in this high-tech world where technology has integrated people from all over the world in the internet space.

Cloud backup solutions are highly recommended for every business owner seeking after digital methods of data storage and security. Might you be missing out on useful cloud backup features? Here are four cloud backup feature you probably didn’t know existed:

Idle backup

Wouldn’t it be great to know that all your data is automatically backed up to the cloud despite how busy the day was? Well, some cloud backups have the idle backup feature that ensures your data is backed up when your devices are lying idle, this way, all the work you have been working on is saved automatically to the cloud.

The idle backup is excellent in ensuring you do not suffer downtime or slow device performance during the backup process since the backup happens when you are not busy working when you cannot notice the impact of the backup process on device performance.

Multiple destination backups

The cloud backup technology is vastly changing with time. The multiple-destination reserves are an advanced backup solution offered by some cloud backup providers. This feature warrants that your data is automatically backed up in different locations, for example, other computers within your workplace, external hard drives and the cloud itself.

With such a feature as this, you experience lesser data loss, as well as saves you the trouble of manually having to repeat the backup process on different backup methods, this way, and you can satisfy the 3-2-1 rule of data backup and enjoy the unique advantages of the different backup types.


The rise of mobile technology has changed things in the technology space, with more than half of the internet population relying on mobile devices to access the web. For this reason, web developers have found a need for applications for most of the digital solutions offered.

Cloud backup developers have as well taken up this trend and come up with applications for Android and iPhone users, allowing convenience in access of data. Users can easily download backed up data from their mobile phones through these applications.

Computer location

Like you would use GPS to track down mobile devices, especially iPhones, cloud backups have aped this feature. The computer location feature takes advantage of maps and GPS to spot the location of computers.

While part of the security measures for your devices is your responsibility, an incidence of theft can catch you off guard and compromise your data protection. As you focus on your primary concern to recover the files and vital information upon robbery, for instance, the computer location feature gives you a fair chance at tracking down your computer for possible recovery.

Cloud backup is a data storage and security solution that will only grow prominent with time. Now that you are out of the dark about cloud solution mysteries, you should embrace these terrific features for your business and enjoy the convenience of safely stored data with a promise of swift recovery and restoration.