Forge friendships and fall in love with Twoish 

Twoish theme

Has growing up been tough on you? Did once trusty friends who you could spend day and night with suddenly get too busy to make time for you? Not to worry, Twoish steps in to enable you get a new set of friends with shared interests. It’s also the app to turn to if you’re scouring for a romantic relationship that’ll hopefully bloom into something meaningful, or just a place to casually chat with like-minded people in the spirit of having a good time and nothing more. Summing together all your social needs into one package, Twoish sees to it that your dating and relationship life gets back that spark that has been missing for a while. 

Twoish features

Twoish will be arriving shortly on the Google PlayStore, but it’s already available for download on the Apple store. Breathe passion into a fading social life or reach for more through its wide-ranging features:

  • Be in the know of cool, unfolding events in your neighborhood and beyond, and find someone who’d be more than happy to go with you
  • Discover what makes other people tick before physical sit-downs by getting to know them a little better through the comprehensive on-app chatting system
  • Favorite your favorite persons so you can know what they’re always up to and if you can be a part of the mix
  • Get a travel buddy so that you can have someone to chat with face-to-face and spice up a long journey
  • Report inappropriate meetups so they don’t get a second chance. You can do the same as well for bothersome characters, and even block them if they persist 
  • Using interests as a filter, connect only with those who are genuinely interested in the same things as you
  • Create meetups with like-minded persons

Working of the app

Kind of like Facebook, get to swim in the expansive social waters, meeting people you’d like to accompany you on life’s journey. More than Facebook, you can chat, create a meetup, attend one, or locate a travel mate for lonely trips. You can sync Twoish with your Apple profile for a straight login

How Twoish Stands out 

The kryptonite of a multitude of social media apps is that online relationships rarely leave those confines. Twoish stands apart from the crowd with is offline-oriented features that ensure relationships grow where it matters most: the real word. Moreover, the app brings together those close to each other both geographically speaking and from an interests’ perspective, which is something that not many social apps can successfully do. 

If your social media life hasn’t been taking off, Twoish may be the jumpstart you need!

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