Thursday 20 June 2019
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Five must have SEO tools

The first thing that you need to do to ramp up online traffic to your website is to make sure your content is optimized for SEO. Search engines use robots to trawl online content, and if your website is not SEO optimized, then the relevant search engine may rate your website as ‘low in relevance,’ and as a direct result, you may end up being listed, way down, when it comes to SERPS. It is essential that your content and your website are optimized for SEO.  According to SEO Shark based in Sydney, here are a few handy SEO tools that you can use to optimize your website for better ranking on SERPS.

  • Keyword analysis tools: There are several plugins that can provide you with in-depth keyword analysis and enable you to target better-ranked keywords for your web content. For example, SEM RUSH is a great tool that you can use to analyze keywords and even determine which specific keywords your competitors are targeting. The only issue is that this tool comes with both a free and premium version. So you would be advised to check out SemRush and try out the free version first, before opting for the paid version.
  • Content effectiveness tool: Now this is a handy little tool, for it enables you to optimize your content, get an idea of its readability factor, trim it down, check to see if the content is outdated and edit/post new ones seamlessly. There are several tools that you can use for optimizing your content from Yoast WordPress plugin to the rest.
  • Link building: Yes, Google frowns on blatant attempts to build links for the sake of links and has heavily penalized websites for the same. But it has not barred all forms of links, and as long as you use white hat strategies by linking up to websites with better authority and ones that are relevant, you should be fine. There are Moz SEO toolbar and backlink analyzer which you can use to tweak your website and make it more competitive.
  • Link removal: There are several reasons that Google may consider a few links from your website as offensive or dirty and would penalize your website for the same. And naturally, you would want to remove those links which is why it is always a good idea to have a link removal app on your website. You can use the disavow tool to remove all those damaging links, get a website audit done in the process as well. Once the disavow is complete, you can upload the same to Google and get your ranks reinstated
  • Cache plugin: There are several cache plugins that you can use on your website to improve your website’s performance. Sometimes a page can load too slowly, and this can result in a loss of prospective customers. And that’s why it is essential that you have these tools installed in at the earliest.

These are some of the essential ‘5 must have SEO tools’ that you need installed and running on your website.