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Instagram Hacks: 68 Tricks and Features You Probably Didn't Know About

In the first case, the ads created on Instagram directly, through the Instagram “Promote” button, work in the same way as the ads created using the Facebook “promote publication” button. These are called boosted posts.

The Best Advantage

The great advantage of this type of ad on Instagram is the fact that it does not create what we call a darkpost. A darkpost is a post created automatically by the Facebook or Instagram ad manager, which is exactly identical to the original post, but is not an original post. You can buy automatic instagram likes and have the best choices there.

  • It is for advertising only, which means that all statistics, likes and comments for that ad will not be reflected in the original post published in your Instagram feed. This is in fact not positive, since having an ad with 3000 likes and the original post in the Instagram feed with only 100 likes, doesn’t make much sense.
  • However, with the creation of this boost button on Instagram, Facebook solved the problem and it is now possible to announce the original post, segment your target audience and receive statistical data from the ads directly on the Instagram app and on the promoted post, which is why I recommend you try this ad format.

As for Facebook ads, made from the ad manager, they automatically create a darkpost on Instagram, so they are extremely used as a way to advertise on Instagram for interaction or conversions, but without the intention of improving the number likes or comments on the original content.

Great Supports for the best of You

When creating an ad on Facebook, for the purpose of traffic, interaction or conversions, it is possible to select Instagram as the location for the placement of that ad. After defining your target audience, in the places of publication, click on “Edit places of publication” and you will see the possibility of selecting the Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories. From managergram you can expect the best service.

  • Keep in mind that depending on the locations you choose, the format of the ads changes considerably. For ads in the feed, they have a recommended size of 1080 x 1080. For ads in Stories, they have a recommended format of 1080 x 1920.
  • If you choose to use a video in the Stories ad, keep in mind that it must be in 9:16 format and the file type must be .mp4 or .mov. In the case of the video, it cannot be longer than 15 seconds.

Select Instagram account

When creating your ad, it will obviously be essential to select your Instagram account. If your Instagram account isn’t showing up, it’s because you don’t have your Instagram connected to your Facebook page. To do this, go to your Facebook page, go to Settings, then Instagram and connect your Instagram account.