Everything You Need to Know on the Simplicity and Security of a Fingerprint Door Lock


Using biometric access control systems is no longer limited to highly secure areas. Now we can find on the market a wide range of choice of a fingerprint door lock. The identification of people through physical characteristics has even become common. These technological progresses created new applications for this type of products, and that’s why our fingers nowadays have also become our keys. Indeed, unlike a key, a finger is always accessible. It is just impossible to lose, misplace, or to be robbed of a finger. And to open a door, nothing is simpler: just touch the cell of the fingerprint reader you’re your finger and the lock is unlocked! With the fingerprint reader integrated into the swing handle or the doorknob, the use is even more comfortable: the opening and closing of your door are done with a single gesture.


Advantages of having a door lock with a fingerprint reader

  • Simple and safe to use
  • Ergonomic and intuitive fingerprint reader
  • Harmonious and fashion design
  • OLED display
  • Quick identification speed

Safety is at the heart of our concerns: a fingerprint reader ensures maximum control of the entrances and exits of a building or in a single room. So, only people whose fingerprints have been registered in the system can have access to those places. The doubt about the existence of a copy of your keys is now a memory of the past!

Moli Lock presents its Smart Home lock

Moli Lock is one of the leading smart door lock manufacturers. Established in 1998, this company has more than 20 years of experience. Their latest product, the Smart Home Lock, stands out in particular for its outstanding operational safety and its great simplicity of use. It is also popular for its compact design, advanced technology, and flexible handle design. The fingerprint identification is located at the handle and is turned on with a grip. This will allow you to insert your fingerprint correctly when you lock or unlock your door. Besides being able to use your fingerprint to open the door, the Smart Home Lock also offers multiple ways to do so. It is possible to use a card or a code as well.

In addition, the Smart Home Lock is provided with an emergency key to open or close the door at any time. This will give us all the available options to unlock our door.

Performance speed

Being able to unlock your home door quickly is also a massive advantage. Each of us has his reasons to need to close a door very quickly: seeing their kids, tired of holding groceries bags, being late for the kickoff of a football match or merely having a tremendous need of going to the bathroom. No one is judging, we all have been there. We look for the key to open the door and asking ourselves “why this is taking all this time?”. Well, this is about to change with the Smart Home Lock semiconductor living biological fingerprint identification, where the speed of identification to unlock the door is less than half a second! In other words, we can say that it will instantly unlock your door.

Don’t worry about having your fingerprint stored in a database of some company, and being concerned that it will end up in a scary scenario. Take a deep breath and know that Moli Lock company has developed its intelligent operating system independently. They are not subcontracting this service, so all your information will be in a safe and secure place. Precisely like your home when you will install this fingerprint door lock.

Simple and secure use

The fingerprint reader is easy to use and intuitive. The fingerprints of the Smart Home Lock are recorded directly on the reader. Other settings, such as permissions management, can be saved using a small remote control. No less than 100 fingerprints can be pre-set in the system. The Smart Home Lock fingerprint reader guarantees maximum security. Unlike systems where a simple finger placement is sufficient, this reader identifies the fingerprint according to its movement. It keeps no trace of the fingerprint, thus preventing any illicit copy of it. The fingerprint reader is absolutely insensitive to environmental factors: it supports temperatures between -20 and +65 ° C. It is also waterproof (IP 65 class). Even when the system is no longer powered (as during a power outage), all of its data remains intact.